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Quality Service Nationwide Tools Give Them — Legal Insurance Blog — August 30, 2022

stockfresh_5987416_customer-relationship_sizeS-300x200There must be more to an employee benefit than a statement of good intentions. There must be a noticeable quality in whatever service is provided to employees, otherwise the time, money and effort put into the benefit will be wasted.

The seller must provide how superior quality is ensured in the benefit. There should be tools that the service provider can easily use to provide the very best. Class action plans may or may not be able to provide the best for their clients. The main reason is that there are not enough tools.

Nationwide prepaid legal services are not included in this group of ancillary legal benefits. We have a class action plan that specifies services to be provided and provides funds to ensure the best.

Derive personal information

It is extremely easy to take advantage of Nationwide benefits. A nationwide network of attorneys places at least one nationwide attorney in the community for every nationwide client. Members of our legal group plan have priority status with these lawyers. Arranging a one-on-one conference with a nationwide attorney is easy and encouraged. We want a relationship to develop.

One way to encourage this rapport is to allow plan members to make as many phone calls as possible about a given problem to the attorney. This is usually a billable event, but we want our plan members to be willing to talk.

Nationwide lawyers are recruited for their expertise. They must have a sound track record of responding to the needs of individuals with prepaid legal services that meet individual needs. The individual is treated with respect and courtesy. Their problems are never small in our eyes.

Collects additional information

It often happens when dealing with government agencies or drafting legal documents that external information is required. We do not expect plan members to know what type of legal information or administrative records are material. That’s up to the lawyer.

To help, lawyers nationwide are allowed to write letters and make phone calls on behalf of a plan member. As a result, the attorney knows exactly what to look for, making the process more efficient. Often, an attorney calling on behalf of a plan member can make the other party even more willing to cooperate.

Go outside the box

Our lawyers are highly skilled in everyday matters that affect an individual. Still, there are areas of law that a nationwide attorney may not have sufficient knowledge of. Therefore, Countrywide will not hesitate to use referrals in these cases to improve quality.

However, attorneys used in referrals must adhere to specific standards. We expect discounts to be given to members of a nationwide legal group because we want to see the billing schedule used. We don’t want any surprises for any of our plan members.

The customers decide

The best way to ensure quality is to ask potential clients to help develop their prepaid legal service plan. Therefore, we explain all our benefits to the decision makers of a potential customer, and we encourage them to ask us any questions.

We allow those same decision makers to choose which prepaid legal services will be offered to their employees. Countrywide respects these decisions and includes the choices in the final planning document. Countrywide offers streamlined administration and exceptional member services as part of the deal. In addition, we have a close and transparent relationship with our customers.

These are some of the ways that help us provide high quality services. There are more things that we do, and we hope that you may be interested in a nationwide class action plan. If you are, please contact us as soon as possible. We are ready to answer your questions and hope we can be of service.

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