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Protecting Your Children A Simple Will Can Do It — Legal Insurance Blog — September 6, 2022

will-copy-300x200Young employees are usually not that interested in writing a will. It’s something for older people to do and those in their twenties feel like they have a lot of life ahead of them. We understand that, but we have to remind people that even if they̵

7;re young, they may have little kids, and those little tykes need protection.

Problems boil under the surface

A disaster can strike without warning. It could be a car accident or a fatal heart attack. Whatever it is, children whose parents die intestate, that is, without a will, face challenging times.

Several problems arise without a will:

Children will need someone to look after their upbringing and finances. It is better to be able to appoint a guardian than to have a court do it for you.

If a parent dies intestate, all children inherit equally. It seems fair until you realize that the issue of an old love affair has a share equal to those born in a legal marriage.

Intestate means the probate court takes care of everything, and snails move faster. Money that children can use to pay for college tuition won’t be available until months later.

Serious advantages of a will

There are certain advantages to having a will that affects children.

  • You can name a guardian you trust
  • Donations to a college fund can be part of the will.
  • Children’s question. This legal term defines a person’s children or lineal descendants as heirs. It specifies that only those with a direct bloodline qualify for a government benefit.
  • Exclusion. A will can specify who does not receive a share of the estate. It can quickly stop legal contests.

Group legal plans usually have simple will writing as a benefit option. Nationwide prepaid legal services are no exception. That’s why we offer the creation of a simple will as one of our group law plan benefits.

A professional and not template

Trust us; you do not want to draw up a will using an online template. Your real estate situation is unique and a professional should do the job.

Countrywide has a nationwide network of lawyers who provide pre-paid legal services to all members of our legal team. They give priority status to those associated with Countrywide.

A nationwide lawyer is a teacher as well as a lawyer. That person will explain the details of a simple will to a legal team member. The nationwide simple will is no more than six pages long, which is enough for most people. The nationwide attorney ensures that the language is consistent with real estate law and properly filed.

Listening is one of the prepaid legal services that are free. The act is written after consultation with the plan member. Nationwide will advise on what should be in the will, but it is what the plan member wants to be in the document.

Work with a customer

What the customer wants is how we prepare the collective legal planning document. We explain all our benefits to a potential customer, answer any questions, and then ask management to make some choices. Whichever benefit option the potential customer chooses will be included in the final document. Nationwide Pre-Paid Legal Services will provide excellent administration and superior member services for all clients. We have a close relationship with these organizations and our dealings are transparent.

Drafting a simple will gives a person a sense of relief. It’s one of the big projects they can cross off the bucket list. Countrywide will send annual reminders to these plan members so they can request an update to the Will if they wish. The nationwide draft documents make the estate settlement much easier.

If you would like to know more about our prepaid legal services, please contact us as soon as possible. We are happy to explain our benefits and look forward to answering your questions.

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