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Protecting teleworkers Security can be broken – Legal insurance blog – 30 June 2022

stockfresh_2064336_identity-theft-word-cloud-concept_sizeS-300x300Teleworking is now part of the American work environment. More and more companies allow their employees to work from home and many people like to change environment. Employees feel that this is a way to enable them to be more productive. Computer hackers think the same way.

A real danger

Employees who work from home and use their own computers are at serious risk. Hackers will use the email for phishing expeditions and include malicious software as attachments. Unfortunately, many of these cyber thieves have managed to break into remote workers’ computers.

The challenge is that the teleworker is not in the office and cannot quickly verify whether someone has sent them an email or not.

Consequently, a person assumes that what appears to be a work-related email is real when it is not. They open the email, click on the attachment and fall victim to an incredibly nasty surprise. Hackers can go into the computer, do mischief and clear out bank accounts and then be up and running. A real danger occurs when hackers use personal computer employees to access the organization’s files.

Providers of group law plans may include other benefits that help people. For example, identity theft protection and credit monitoring benefit employees and employers. Nationwide prepaid legal services are well known for their group law planning benefits. But we offer something more than that. We also have a plan for identity theft and credit monitoring to provide good protection for all teleworkers.

Address the issue immediately

People who get hacked need help right away. Their financial information may have been stolen and their credit points destroyed by cyber thieves who maxed out their credit cards or opened new accounts. Countrywide helps the victim of an internet burglary. We do not have one but four specific identity theft and credit monitoring plans. These are:

Diamond identity theft protection plan

Platinum Plus plan for identity theft protection

Premier Plus plan for identity theft protection

Silver Plus identity theft protection plan

Each plan has benefits related to identifying a possible theft and helping a person restore their financial integrity and creditworthiness. Credit bureau reports, 24/7 credit monitoring, email alerts and SSN alerts are just some of the service options a plan member can get, depending on the plan. An insurance policy for theft of ID thefts of one million dollars is incredibly valuable for a hacked person.

Customer engagement

Countrywide advocates choices in its prepaid legal services and our group law benefits plan. We do the same for our identity theft and credit monitoring plans. We will explain them all to a potential client, just as we would with our prepaid legal services. Nationwide will not try to promote one plan over another. However, we suggest that higher-level plans be considered for teleworkers who have access to sensitive documents. What we provide provides the kind of protection the person needs.

We provide streamlined administration for our group legal planning services. We will do the same for identity theft and credit monitoring programs. A customer can also expect that we will provide the same high level of empathy and respect that we provide in our other employee benefits. Anyone who has been the victim of hacking needs a little TLC to get over the shock and restore themselves. We make the way back so much easier for people who feel offended.

We encourage interested parties to contact us when it suits them regarding any of our benefits, in particular our group law plan with its prepaid legal services. Identity theft and the credit monitoring plan are clearly there for people who work on their computers remotely and are a real asset to these workers. We are ready to answer any questions about what we offer and would appreciate being able to explain to you what we have.

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