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Protect your wedding venue from risks and liability

Wedding venues are expected to have a banner year 2021 thanks to pent-up demand from couples who had to reschedule their ceremonies in 2020. As we enter the most popular months to get hitched, Pennsylvania and Maryland wedding venues reopen when social distancing and capacity constraints repealed. Whether you are a beginner in using your venue as a wedding venue or have many years of experience, this article offers tips to reduce risk and responsibility.

Can your place be used as a wedding venue?

Once upon a time, most couples married in places of worship. Today's couples often prefer unique destinations, such as orchards, vineyards and rustic barns. If your business is located in a wonderful venue or has a unique structure and you are considering hosting a wedding, there is a lot to think about, starting with zoning. Most land companies are for agriculture, so you need to find out if it is possible to add a wedding venue via a zone variation. Before you invest money in your new business, you also want to make sure that all structures meet the state's building performance. For example, many considerations must be made when picking up a barn to code for a wedding venue. Also, if the premises are used in a way that they were not intended for, it is likely that your insurance would need to be changed.

4 "Must Haves" Insurance for Your Maryland or Pennsylvania Wedding Venue

Commercial Property Insurance – This insurance protects your organization's physical assets – buildings and their contents as well as exterior features such as signs – from fire, theft, storms and other risks.

General Liability Insurance – This coverage transfers your financial risk by helping to cover losses that your company suffers due to bodily injury or property damage.

Alcohol Liability Insurance General Liability excludes claims for bodily injury or damage to property if you sell, serve, supply, distribute or manufacture spirits. Many couples include spirits in their event. Alcohol liability protects you if a drunk person leaves the wedding and injures someone. If you serve or provide alcohol on site, make sure liquor liability is part of your protection plan.

Workers' Compensation e – This policy provides compensation for wages and medical benefits to employees who are injured while at work. State law requires employee compensation coverage if you have employees.

Insurance Requirements For Your Customers

Wedding Liability Insurance – A contract signed by both parties is an absolute must. In addition to recording what each party has agreed to do for and with each other, it is a legally binding document that puts a risk transfer method in place. Risk transfer is an important way to protect your business because it ensures that you are not held responsible for errors or mistakes from your customers or their suppliers. Part of this transfer can be made by requiring by agreement that your customers have a wedding liability insurance. This policy gives your customers liability for such things as property damage and bodily harm, which means that they have money to pay for damage they caused to your site. Take it a step further and require customers to add your place as an extra insured in their wedding liability policy. By doing so, they share their insurance limits with your business. Require them to provide proof of marriage liability insurance with additional insurance status in the form of an insurance certificate and keep it. It is important that a lawyer reviews the agreement before using it with your clients.

Cancellation / postponement insurance for weddings – This insurance provides compensation for losses and expenses if sudden illness, severe weather or other circumstances beyond the couple's control force them to postpone or cancel the wedding. – It is not uncommon for wedding guests to get fat during a reception. Now imagine the responsibility for your business if one of these guests caused an accident because they were driving under the influence after drinking too much at your place. Even if you have your own liquor liability policy, make sure that each customer's insurance policy includes host launch liability, which protects against alcohol-related accidents.

Insurance requirements for suppliers

It is not only the couple who rents your place who need a special liability insurance. Any of their providers that you allow on your property should have it as well. Liability and property damage insurance protects your location and your customers from certain losses. Request an insurance certificate from all suppliers and keep them in your file with the signed contract. If you do not serve alcohol, but a supplier, such as a catering company, they should also show liability for alcohol on their insurance certificate.

Free quote on insurance coverage

The right insurance protects your business from risk and financial loss. For a free quote on the insurance coverage needed for wedding venues, contact an insurance specialist at Keller-Brown Insurance Services today. You can count on the right coverage at the right price from us because we are an independent insurance agency that works with top-ranked insurance companies.

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