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Protect your packages (and your home) during the holidays

There is almost nothing more convenient than ordering online – and this year it will be a holiday season like no other. see in person during the holidays.

Unfortunately, more packages delivered can increase the risk of package theft. A study by C + R Research estimates that 36% of respondents had a package swept from their doorstep before they could retrieve it, and over 50% knew someone who would have stolen a package.

Since online shopping is only predicted to increase, here are some steps to protect your supplies from what is commonly referred to as porch pirates.

How to protect supplies from Porch Pirates

  • Install a smart device. Various smart gadgets on the market can help keep packages safe. With a video doorbell, you can see and talk to the delivery person at your door via your mobile device. You can ask them to leave the package in a conspicuous place or activate your smart lock and let them leave it inside your door.
  • Contact your operator. Do some detective work, so you can reveal some options through delivery service. Many operators now offer flexible options that allow you to schedule or redirect deliveries. For example, you can have them dropped and kept at a dealer near you or deposited in a safe cabinet such as USP gop mail. Before ordering, check alternative offers from the carrier.
  • Check your credit card policies. Some credit card companies offer package theft protection to help you recover your losses. For details, contact your credit card company to find out if this coverage is available and for how much.
  • Track your packages. Reputable retailers often offer free package tracking so you can see when your purchase is shipped and where it stops along the way to your front door. Being able to see when it may come can help you protect that package from theft.

Keep your home safe from holiday burglars

Once you have received your packages inside your home, you want to protect them and your own belongings, from holiday thieves. Here are some tips to help protect your home during the holidays.

  • Keep the doors locked. This goes without saying, but make sure you keep your doors and windows locked. According to information from the FBI 201
    9, 37% of burglaries are illegal entry, which indicates that doors and windows were not secured.
  • Close up your garage's weaknesses. This part of the house has some weak points that make it quite easy for an intruder to work his way in. If you park your car in the driveway, do not keep the garage opener in the car. store it in the house. Never store gifts in the garage, especially if your garage has windows and lock-free locks on exterior doors. Finally, always use the deadbolt to secure the door from the garage in the house.
  • Create the home look. With these short days and long nights, it's a good idea to put your lights on a timer. You can also have a neighbor or family member park in your driveway sometimes. It's a great way to trick a burglar into thinking of someone's home.
  • Throw wise. What is a sure sign for a burglar that your home is now filled with expensive stuff? Empty boxes stacked next to your trash. Instead, load them up in your car and find a place where you can drop them off.
  • Hide your gifts. Some people like to have gifts before the holiday itself. If these are visible from the outside, it can be tempting for a burglar. Keep your shades or drapes drawn. Or if you like to show your holiday decorations to your neighbors, consider storing the wrapped gifts in a closet or other visible place until the big day.
  • Be smart in social media. Take lots of pictures of your holiday vacation or your loved ones' happy faces opening up gifts, but think about what you share online and when you share them. (Hint: You may want to wait until you are safely home to publish on social media.)

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