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Progressive Loyalty Rewards – Schneider and Associates Insurance Agencies

As with many car insurance companies, your loyalty gives you additional rewards beyond just a good price. There can always be an option out there that can save you a few dollars a year, but before you switch, be sure to think about more than just the price.

Consider service

Will the service and damage experience be as good? Progressive has set the standard for good service, technology and fast complaints. Does the new company have a user-friendly website, apps and opportunities to package if you decide to buy a home, boat, golf cart or motorhome in the future?

Think of stability

Will pricing change with the new company upon renewal? An important thing to keep in mind is that all companies give discounts on how long you have been with your previous operator. If you have been at your company for less than a year, you may not receive a loyalty discount. But if you have been in a company for 2-3 years, your discount is even higher, and it increases after 5 years.

Therefore, if you have a good price now, but the price goes up in six months, you may need to buy insurance again. This time, the prices at all companies will not be as good as they were when you shopped just 6 months before.

Consider other benefits

Finally, the longer you stay with your current insurance company, the more benefits you will receive. Progressive has one of the best loyalty rewards programs available and it turns out that their customer retention is the best in the business. This is what it looks like on 11/08/2016:

Forgiveness for small accidents
With forgiveness for small accidents, your tax rate will not rise if you need to report a small claim. Generally, a “small claim” is all under $ 500, but this varies by state.

Ongoing insurance discount
As your relationship with us grows, so do your chances of saving! This discount increases with each loyalty level until you reach the diamond level. In addition, your discount can be determined by your previous insurance information, so you can start saving faster than you think.

Smaller child discount
If you have a driver under the age of 19 who has been rated on your insurance and you have already been insured for one year continuously, you can earn this discount.

Forgiveness for major accidents
With forgiveness for major accidents, your rate will not rise if you need to file a claim, regardless of the amount. You will earn this benefit when you have been with us for five years without interruption and your insurance has been free from violations and claims for the past three years.

Emerald Access
Get VIP treatment – whenever you call, we move you to the front of the queue.

Lifetime Crown benefits
When you have been with us for 20 years, you get renewed life insurance. Yes, even if there are changes in your driving record.

Before making the switch to save a few dollars, make sure it is with a stable company. One that you trust to build a long relationship with for many years to come. Those who constantly change insurance companies every few years will never see the fair value and discounts available. It saves to be loyal.

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