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Prepare your boat and motorcycle for warmer weather

Prepare your boat and motorcycle for warmer weather

When the sunshine starts dancing on the lake, boaters and motorcyclists will be hungry for some fun in warm weather. Before your boat hits the water or your bike ends up on the road, make sure they are ready. Preparing your summer toys for spring guarantees proper performance and safety. These tips for preparing your boat and motorcycle for spring give you peace of mind and take you out on the water / road in no time. If you have any questions, contact our office at 41

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General tips for preparing your boat for spring
– Check that the boat registration is current and on board. You must have this available if an official of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) requests to see it.
– Clean the hull with a marine-safe detergent. Avoid using detergent as it may remove wax.
– After cleaning the hull, apply a layer of wax to protect the finish.
– Clean windows and shutters to ensure clear vision.
– Inspect the wiper blades and replace them if necessary.
– Check that the drains and flushes are clean. If necessary, clean so that the water can drain off properly instead of collecting in your boat.
– Clean and polish metal with a good metal polish.
– Invest in a boat tow insurance with Encharter Insurance. You will be glad you did so in the event of an emergency.

A maintenance checklist for your motorcycle
– Check all your lights. If you kept your bike on a battery during the winter, your battery is probably in good condition to start the season. Turn on the electricity and get a friend to help you make sure that both your headlights’ low beam and high beam functions work, as well as front and rear turn signals and brake lights. Lamps in your instrument clusters should also be in good condition. If something does not work as it should, it is now time to replace the affected light bulbs before setting out on the road. If nothing comes on, your battery may need to be replaced or replaced.
– Inspect your tires. Real talk: You should check your tires every time you ride a bike. On four wheels, you may be bothered by a puncture or a slow leak in one of your tires. But when you only trust two wheels, you absolutely need both tires to be properly inflated and not damaged, because your life depends on it. Check the information on your bike (it is often found on the VIN plate or chain guard) to find out the correct cold pressure in the tires, regardless of which rubber you choose to attach to your bike. Your bike has been parked in one place all winter, so it’s not surprising that your tires can be a few pounds low. Replace your rubber if it is damaged, badly checkered or too worn.
– Check your oil, coolant and brake fluid. The last thing you want on a nice day of riding is to find out that your fluids either no longer work properly or that you do not have enough of them on your bike to do their job. If you do not already have a stable maintenance schedule where you check and replace all three of these fluids regularly, now is a good time to start.
– Examine everything in detail. Check your frame (and covers, if you have them), tighten everything properly, tighten the screws – basically, look over every square inch of your bike. Check that things like your fork seals are not cracked and that your forks are not oil. Is not your bike beautiful? Oh wait, what’s the crack in the frame? Pooh, it’s just dirt. Better to know it now (and wipe it off) than to find out that it’s a serious injury that puts you in danger when you go 140.
Preparing your boat and / or motorcycle for spring can be arduous, but a couple of hours or so checking out your boat / bike to make sure it is suitable for the water / road now can save you precious weeks of hassle later. Have peace of mind while enjoying them all season with coverage from Encharter Insurance. You can reach us at (413) 475-7283 or online at https://www.encharter.com/personal-insurance/specialty-insurance/.

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