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Police officers for tenants versus landlords | Paradiso Insurance

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If you are acquiring or renting an apartment or house, you must have encountered one of these two policies; tenants or landlord insurance. Read on to know what they are, what they include and more.

Tenants vs. Landlord policy Defined:

As the name suggests, a tenant policy is specialized insurance for tenants. It only protects the tenant from debts and their belongings in the event of loss or damage ̵

1; the home is not covered by this policy.

The landlord's policy, on the other hand, protects the home from damage and the owners (landlords) from liability. – tenants and their belongings do not benefit from this policy.

A rental policy is paid by the tenants, while landlords pay for the landlord policy.

Coverage differences between tenants and landlord policies:

Let's take a look at how the two policies work in some of the most common coverage situations:

Property Damage:

  • Tenants: [196] The policy does not include tenant ownership does not own the rental property.
  • Landlord: Property damage is covered by the landlord insurance, and that is also the main purpose of purchasing this policy.

Loss of rental income:

  • Tenants: This coverage is not included in the tenants' policy since the tenant has no claim to the income from the property.
  • Landlord: Lost rental income is part of the landlord's policy. because the landlord earns the rental income. It protects the landlord from financial loss during the period when the property can not be rented.

Flood protection:

  • Tenants: This is an optional policy that can be purchased separately with the rental insurance. It protects the tenant's personal belongings in the event of a flood.
  • Landlord: This is an optional insurance that can be purchased separately with landlord insurance and pays for property damage caused by the flood.

Liability protection:

  • Tenants: 19659013] It is included in the tenant's policy and protects them from debts that arise due to permits such as someone being injured on the property they have rented.
  • Landlord: Also included in the landlord's policy. If someone is injured at the property and the landlord is discovered as faulty (as if the landlord called a repairman to fix a problem but he gets injured), the liability cover covers the medical and legal costs.

Is the rent insurance compulsory?

Since a tenant does not own the property, they may not be really interested in getting any form of insurance. However, most landlords require tenants to have tenant insurance. Here are the benefits both the tenant and the landlord can get for tenant insurance:


  • If the tenant's property is stolen, damaged or lost, they will receive compensation. [19659036] If tenants' guests are injured on the property, they will be protected from liability.
  • Covers the tenant's personal property such as a laptop, mobile phone and clothes, etc., even if they were not in the house when it was damaged, lost or stolen.


  • Covers temporary housing costs if the property is damaged due to fires or natural disasters
  • Landlords can be sued if the tenant's property is lost or damaged due to the landlord failing to make the property safer. However, if the tenant has a tenant policy, they will be covered, which reduces the likelihood that they will sue the landlord. However, it will not cover damage to your own property.

End it:

Whether you are moving into a rental apartment or welcoming tenants to your own property, you need insurance to be on the safe side.

At Paradiso Insurance we offer both tenants and landlords insurance at unbeatable prices – call us at (860) 684-5270 to find out more.

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