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Plumbing: What is covered and what is not under homeowners insurance

Is your plumbing system a problem for you? Whether you're dealing with a leaking faucet, clogged drains or broken pipes, homeowners insurance covers some damage to your plumbing system.

When you buy home insurance, you expect to get coverage for everything from a fallen tree branch to a flood . It's just good business sense: everyone needs home coverage. But how much does your insurance cover? You might think it covers everything.

But that's not the case. In fact, your homeowners 'insurance has some limitations on what it will cover.

Our blog helps you understand all the ins and outs of plumbing under your homeowners insurance.

Plumbing issues that homeowners' insurance covers:

Usually you need to add some additional protection to your homeowner's policy or get a home warranty to ensure maximum protection in the event of a plumbing failure. But with standard home insurance, the basic rule for water damage is that it must be a "direct result" of your plumbing system and not caused by an external event.

In other words, sudden water damage to property due to a cracked pipe or cracked heaters should be covered by your homeowner's policy. Some common insurance options that you can get in this insurance are:

  • Home protection: This covers damage to your home (your home), such as wooden frames, walls, roofs and floorboards, etc. If any part of your home is damaged as a result of an insured leak, this protection will pay for the damage.
  • Property protection: This covers damage to your personal property that is not covered by your home protection, such as. clothing, TV and books, etc.
  • ALE: Extra living expenses cover your living expenses in the event of a total loss due to a HVAC error.

HVAC issues not covered by homeowners' insurance: [1

9659002] The homeowner's insurance usually does not cover water damage that is not a direct result of the plumbing system, such as natural disasters or damage that leads to normal wear and tear or lack of maintenance. This means that if you see a leaking pipe but do nothing, any damage caused by it will not be covered.

In addition, a backed up or flooded drain will not be covered by the policy by default, but you can purchase additional cover

Some types of damage from natural sources such as floods or mold will not be covered either, but you can ask the insurer if they offer additional coverage for them.

Paradiso Insurances offers customized homeowners insurance:

Did you know that you can get tailored homeowners insurance that best suits your needs? Maybe your neighborhood is prone to flooding, or maybe the sewer system is not that good? Your property infrastructure may be out of date, which may cause specific areas or pipes to leak.

Regardless of the situation, experts at Paradiso Insurance are always here to provide you with the best homeowners insurance to ensure your plumbing and other systems are covered level. Call us at 860-684-5270 today to get started.

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