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Plans for dental discounts // Release your dental insurance 2020

Having a dental condition is awful, you are always in pain and the relief does not seem to come fast enough.

But how much more pain would you have if you discovered that your dental insurance does not cover you?

  Discounts for dentists


Your current dental insurance sucks compared to dental discounts.

In this guide, I will go through four reasons why dental care plans are a better option for your dental care and why you need to replace your dental insurance.

What are dental discount plans?

"In plain English" Plans for dental discounts are an alternative to insurance and they are an easy way to help you save money at the dentist, they give you access to great discounts on dental costs at thousands of dentists in the network.

You can learn exactly how specific plans work by reading their reviews, like the one we have for Careington.

Agents not required.

Make a quote and register online without talking to an agent. But we're here if you need us.

Impartial, expert advice.

Get impartial insurance training from licensed experts and also avoid dubious sales calls.

Coverage in minutes.

You can get a dental insurance within minutes of receiving your quotes and application online.

What is dental insurance?

"In plain English" Dental insurance is a protection for prevention, minor and major dental costs, you can usually always choose your dentist, there are no networks.

19659002] Now that we have what these products are, let's find out why one is better than the other:

The wait

Imagine going to your dentist with this throbbing pain in your mouth, and you have no idea what is causing it.

You are glad you bought your dental insurance a few months ago because this pain in your mouth came from nowhere.

You come to your dentist's office and they give you an examination and x-

After reviewing your result, the dentist explains that the pain is caused by an affected wisdom tooth and that you will need to have it drawn.

You are not happy with getting this procedure done, but you decide to go ahead because of your pain.

I mean, that's why you have insurance?

You will then be hit with the worst news of the day, your dentist explains that your current dental insurance plan has not been active long enough to cover the treatment.

No coverage means you have to pay full price for the procedure.

This is why one of the worst features of any dental insurance is their waiting time, which has a waiting time Sighs!

“In Plain English” A waiting period is a specific period that you must wait before you receive a benefit, otherwise a specific service is covered by your dental insurance plan.

These waiting times can vary depending on the specific insurance company and vary anywhere from 6 to 24 months.

The more expensive and difficult the procedure, the longer the waiting time.

This can be difficult if you are only a few months left in your plan and you need to undergo oral surgery or a root canal.

All existing dental diseases that you have will also have waiting times linked to them.

That being said, do not rush to buy dental insurance because you saw a hole, you will still have to wait at least 12 months before the plan will cover it.

If you look at the picture below you can easily see that not only major dental problems have waiting times, but each wearer has different waiting times for each service:

  dental insurance plans

Annual maximum

Annual maximum values ​​come in at a close second place to what makes your dental insurance suck.

"In Plain English" Annual maximum is the maximum dollar amount that a dental insurance plan will pay for the cost of dental care within a year.

Annual maximums can typically range from $ 500.00 / year all the way up to $ 2000 / year.

The higher the annual maximum, the higher the monthly premiums.


Assuming you have an annual maximum value of $ 1000, all it takes to reach it is that you have your normal two annual checks and any of the following procedures:

Once you reach your annual maximum, you would pay 100% in your pocket for any dental procedure for the rest of the year.

Imagine if you needed a root canal!

If you do not already know this, when you get a root canal, your tooth is shaved down to the nerve and all the decayed roots are pulled out, these canals are then treated and filled in. [19659002] When done, you need a crown to replace your tooth.

This means that you will be well above your annual maximum from just one procedure because it requires you to actually have two procedures.

After careful review, it is very easy to see why you have an annual maximum on your dental care policy. sucks too.

Annual Deductible

Congratulations, you have a dental insurance, you find out that you have to fill one of your teeth.

You just paid $ 25.00 for the insurance policy, but guess what, you also have to pay the $ 50.00 annual deductible before the insurance company helps pay for all the procedures.

" In plain English " An annual deductible is an annual fee that you must pay before an insurance company will help you pay for your dental care.

If you average higher costs, $ 25.00 / month you paid for your insurance will really be $ 28.13 / month.

The sad thing is that you will still have to pay an average of 40% to 60% of the cost, so your first month with such a policy may take more from you than it could be worth.

When Your Deductible Attacks

Based on the above layout, you can easily see how the deductible, when added to the cost of buying the insurance, can put your costs extremely close to what the procedure alone would cost.

In this situation, it would have been easier to pay for the procedure without the insurance.

Deductibles can easily become a headache when you realize that it will be paid each year in addition to the monthly premiums you pay.

I'm sure you think the same as I do … ” Deductibles suck

High plan premiums

At first glance, maybe 29.00 dollars / month does not seem expensive for a dental insurance

But if we take a closer look at this policy and what it offers, we will soon begin to see that $ 29.00 / month is very expensive and absolutely (say it with me …) sucks.

Let's do a little experiment and see exactly how much this plan costs us versus how much it saves us.

Take a look at the following dental insurance policies:

  dental insurance costs

On average they all have:

According to Colgate.com, here's what you can expect during most trips to the dentist.

A Thorough Cleaning

A dental hygienist or dentist will scrape along and below the gum line to remove accumulated plaque and tartar that can cause gum disease, bad skin, breathing and other problems. Then he polishes and flosses your teeth.

A complete dental examination

Your dentist will perform a thorough examination of your teeth, gums and mouth, looking for signs of illness or other problems.


X-rays can diagnose problems that are otherwise unnoticed, such as damage to the jawbone, affected teeth, abscesses, cysts or tumors and decay between the teeth.

On average, we should do the whole process twice a year.

The average cleaning costs about $ 78.00 per visit, for two visits per year which is $ 156.00 / year.

A complete dental examination can cost you about $ 70 per visit, for two visits per year which is about $ 140.00 / year.

X-rays cost an average of about $ 116.00, so for two visits a year you would be $ 232.00.

This is about $ 528.00 per year for just the average two follow-ups.

With insurance you would pay – $ 353.04 / year for the insurance only.

Now it's here:

Your average cleaning, exams and x-rays are covered by deductible, so it's only $ 50.00.

If you add the annual policy fee of $ 353.04 and the annual deductible of $ 50.00, you only spend $ 403.04 for the year.

Based on the above dental insurance, you save about $ 125.00 / year when you receive your two semi-annual checks.

This may seem like a good deal to your mind, and you're probably thinking "hey, I'm saving about $ 125.00 / year."

However, keep reading because we are revealing how much money dental insurance costs you and how much a discount plan for dentists will save you.

Agents not required.

Get a quote and register online without talking to an agent. But we're here if you need us.

Impartial, expert advice.

Get impartial insurance training from licensed experts and also avoid dubious sales calls.

Coverage in minutes.

You can get a dental insurance within minutes of receiving your quotes and application online.

What are dental discount plans?

All the things that make your dental insurance suck so much make dental savings your replacement, and here's why:

No waiting time

No waiting for dental discount plans.

  dental care plans cheaper than dental care insurance

You can use these products immediately on day one. You can use them under any major procedures or pre-existing conditions.

No annual highs

There are no annual highs; you do not have to worry if you have received three root canals or 1 deep cleaning and your two annual visits, no one cares how often you use this type of plan.

Is not it amazing? [19659113] No deductible

Seriously, you did not just pay for your dental insurance, now their hand is already out?

With a dental discount plan, you do not have that annoying deductible every year that creeps up on you.

Low Plan Premium

On average, these plans can cost around $ 8.95 / month and have a one-time setup fee of about $ 20.00.

If you add the installation fee to the monthly fee, you are looking at a monthly fee of $ 10.61 / month for the first year and $ 8.95 / month after that as long as you keep the plan.

Say this to me "$ 8.95 / month" does not sound good?

Big savings

When I say "Big savings" I mean "BIG SAVINGS."

Let's take the same example from above and review the following savings list from a dental discount program:

  dental savings plan

Previously we were told that without a dental insurance plan your two biannual dental visits would cost you $ 528.00 / year .

With your insurance plan, the same visit will only drive you $ 403.04 / year .

Remember that $ 125.00 you saved with the insurance plan?

Well, here's how much you can save with a dentist's discount card:

As you can see in the chart above, an adult cleaning would be equivalent to $ 47.00 twice a year that is $ 94.00 .

Your x-rays are $ 31.00 twice a year which is $ 62.00 and your routine check will drive you $ 24.00 twice a year which is $ 48.00 .

Total annual cost of your two checks: $ 204.00

For the year, your insurance premiums will drive you around $ 99.00 .

Total annual costs for the year would be: $ 303.00

Your total savings with a discount plan for dentists would be: $ 225.00

Yes, people With Dental Discount Card You Save $ 225.00 Per Year And With A Dental Insurance Plan You Lose $ 100.00 Per Year.

Now this is where the dental plan really starts beating dental insurance.

Your savings have no limit, with dental insurance you are limited with annual maximums and waiting times.

There is no real reason to take out dental insurance; I say it's time for an upgrade.

Taking Action

In summary, you have learned the main reasons why your dental insurance plan sucks and why you need a dental discount plan .

We have shown that you can have an affordable dental care plan that covers all existing conditions without a waiting period.

All you have to do is click here to get the big savings you have missed. 19659147]
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