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Plan ahead for your final expenses

Losing a loved one is never easy. Many of us have felt this deep loss and can understand. Sadness, confusion and shock are just some of the many reactions that can happen when you hear the news of a loved one's death.

In the midst of these feelings, a number of decisions also need to be made:

  • What type of funeral service should be held?
  • Should the coffin be open or closed?
  • Where should the beloved be buried?
  • If it is cremated, who gets the remains?
  • How much will all this cost?

We can not prevent our family's heartache at our death, but we can help them by planning ahead so that they do not face difficult decisions in a difficult time.

If you plan ahead, you can be sure that your final wishes will be fulfilled and that your surviving family members will not have to guess what you may have wanted. You can also be sure that the financial burden of paying for final expenses will not fall on the loved ones you leave behind.

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Failure to Plan in Front for Final Expenses [1
9659012] Benjamin Franklin said there were only two things you could be sure of in life: death and taxes. All Americans plan ahead for their taxes (for the most part), so why does not everyone plan ahead for their death?

Well, to begin with, we do not like to be reminded of our own mortality and most of us tend to procrastinate when it comes to unpleasant tasks. People also live longer, which of course postpones having to think about their death.

Not to mention that medical and technological breakthroughs that can affect one's ability to live healthier and longer are discussed in the news every week. All of these reasons can affect people's failure to plan.

Not planning ahead can be a nightmare for your loved ones.

Why you need to plan in advance for final expenses

Let's go through some reasons why it is important to plan in advance:

  • It ensures that your final wishes are met.
  • It helps to avoid family disputes.
  • It reduces the emotional burden on surviving loved ones.
  • It reduces the financial burden on surviving loved ones.
  • It can help others.

Ensuring Final Wishes

Everyone is different. Your family may try to guess what kind of funeral you may have wanted, but it would be much easier for them if you planned in advance and wrote down your wishes instead. You can include your final wishes in your will.

If you do not provide written instructions about your final wishes, state law will dictate who is responsible for these decisions. Normally, states will grant this right to the following persons, in order:

  • Spouse or domestic partner
  • Children
  • Parents
  • Related parties
  • A public administrator (appointed by the court.) [19659023] Avoid family disputes

    Sometimes conflicts between family members can arise in this type of scenario.

    One member may think you wanted your funeral one way, while another insists another way.

    Your brother may insist that he be promised your Mustang from 1965, while your wife may want to keep it for your son.

    According to court law, your small business can be transferred to your wife who has her own career and no interest. in dealing with it, but need money. She may decide to sell it while you were hoping it would stay in the family.

    With emotions going at the highest level, it is easy for arguments to break out and poor decisions are made at the last minute. Planning ahead will ensure that these disputes are avoided.

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