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Pets Best Insurance Review 2020 // Best choice for insurance

We currently have no pets; But my husband and I are planning to add a Doberman Pinscher to our family soon, and Pets Best Insurance is at the top of our list.

With me as a life and health insurance agent, I'm sure you can guess getting a pet insurance was one of the first things that came to mind when we went over Doberman 101 videos.

I never realized how important and sometimes fragile a pet's health can be.

Since I understand how health insurance works for a parent of pets, I immediately knew how pet insurance would work for our Doberman. [1

9659002] But I realized that it would probably be confusing for others who do not already have a good understanding of health insurance and how it works.

In this review today, I will show you how the pet's best insurance process works, what the insurance covers and why it is one of the better options when applying for insurance for your dog or cat.

doberman pinscher


Who is the pet's best insurance?

Pets Best Story is a bit unique in that it was founded by a real vet.

You could say that the founder of Pets Best is also the founder of the pet insurance industry in general.

Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC was founded by Dr. Jack Stephens and Greg McDonald in Boise, ID 2005.

However, Dr. Stephens offered pet insurance as early as 1982.

When Dr. Jack created Pets Best, they partnered with a couple of companies to sign their policies, and the most notable is the American Pet Insurance Company or APIC.

American Pet Insurance Company has been around since 2000 and has a A (exceptional) Demotech rating.

This is an important factor, because when it comes to pet insurance, you need to know that you can trust an insurance company and that they are financially sound.

I have put their company information in a quote block so you can see it better.

* Disclosure – Pet insurance offered and administered by Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC is taken out by the American Pet Insurance Company or the Independence American Insurance Company, a Delaware insurance company.

Why should you care about Demotech ratings?

While it's amazing that Pets Best is consistently ranked high in customer service by all the best review sites, and one of the best places to work in Idaho.

What's even more amazing is that they are supported by a carrier that has a solid financial rating from Demotech.

I like to think of Demotech as JD Power for the real estate and non-life insurance industry. , they have been around for over 33 years.


They provide Financial Stability Ratings (FSRs) for real estate and accident insurance companies.

These FSRs are a leading indicator of financial stability in an insurance company for real estate and accidents.

This is what a Demotech rating looks like:

  Demotech rating

One of the best places to work in Idaho

Along with being supported by a financially sound insurance company.

Pets Best has also been awarded for five years in a row as one of the best places to work in Idaho by the Idaho Business Review.

This is a good thing because the way a company treats its employees is usually a good indication of how they will treat their customers.

Check out some customer reviews below:

" Look No Further Than Pets Best "

I encourage anyone looking for pet insurance for their furbaby, who is part of your family, do not look longer than Pets Best. And I can say that their prices are reasonable. I was able to insure my ten year old dog without any problems. Knowing that I have it for her and my other furbabies, that I can take care of them without any problems or problems, gives me such relief! I'm their mother, so I want to give them the best care when they need it, without worrying about finances.

Thank you pets best! You are cruel! (5 paws!)

Jennifer and her furbabies – PA – 1/6/2018

Omg! Pets Best is the best. 24 hour compensation. I filed a claim for my fur babies flea and heartworm medicine. Less than 24 hours later, I received a confirmation email. Thank you pets best !!

Fantastic experience. Quick replacement and easy customer service with the first accident claim when my chocolate lab puppy swallowed a rock on a walk!

What makes pets best different?

What makes pets so different is that together with the opportunity to buy unlimited benefits, you also get the opportunity to add preventive care to your coverage.

Pets Best also covers hereditary and congenital conditions in all their plans.

What is covered by the pets' best insurance

One of the best things about Pets Best is that they offer several plan options and together with a quick excerpt we also describe them below:

Pets's best accident and illness plans

There are three (3) different options for the accident and illness plans, they are Essential, Plus and Elite.

  best pet reviews

These plans vary in different coverage levels and allow you to fit coverage into your budget.

I always think that when it comes to insurance, everything is better than nothing, so buy what you can afford.

The following is a description of each plan and what it offers:

The Essential plan covers all the basics, it has a maximum of $ 5,000 per year and does not cover any of the optional benefits such as tuition or chiropractic benefits.

If you are wondering, a annual maximum is how much in positions you can apply for each year.


With the Essential Plan, if your pet's annual health care costs reach over $ 5,000, you must cover the remaining 100% by next year.

A quick list of what is covered by the essential plan looks like this:

  • Emergency visits
  • Hospital care and operations
  • Rx medications
  • MRI, CAT and X-ray
  • ] Specialist Care [19659061] Outpatient care
  • Medicine injections
  • Cancer treatments
  • Hereditary and congenital conditions

The Essential plan is the best option to choose if you want to keep your monthly premiums low

The Plus plan will cover all the benefits of Essential plan and a maximum of $ 5,000 per year. The

Plus plan will also include additional coverage such as accident and illness test fees as well as rehabilitation, acupuncture and chiropractic.

  • Charges for accidents and illnesses
  • Rehabilitative therapies
  • Alternative therapies
  • Emergency visits
  • Hospital stays and operations
  • Rx medications
  • MR, CAT & X-ray
  • Specialist Care [19659059] Outpatient Clinic
  • Drug Injections
  • Lab Test
  • Cancer Treatments
  • Hereditary and Congenital Conditions

The Plus plan is their most popular plan and will be in the middle range of pricing, it will cover the things below: [19659082] The Elite Plan will cover all the benefits of the Plus Plan; owever, it comes with Unlimited annual coverage .

Unlimited annual coverage means that no matter how much your pet's annual medical bills come out to, they will be covered.

This plan will give you the most coverage and maximum benefit for your pet.

This is the last and most expensive plan offered by Pets Best.

The accident insurance plan has an annual limit of $ 10,000 with a deductible $ 250 and 90% compensation for a very affordable * $ 6.00 / month .

In other states, however, prices may vary as the disclaimer states below:

* In WA: the accident plan is $ 10 / mo for dogs and $ 7 / mo for cats and the EssentialWellness plan is $ 14 / month Discount of 5% for multiple pets is available in all states only on BestBenefit accident and disease plans; and in WA condition, it is available in all plans.

This is the only accident coverage plan offered by Pets Best and gives you a large repayment level, an average interval deductible and a maximum limit that should cover you in the event of an accident.

If your pet has a medical condition that prevents them from qualifying for traditional coverage or if pet parents are just looking for more cost-effective coverage.

The accident plan does not cover any illnesses, routine care, acupuncture or chiropractic treatment.

Accidents resulting from:

  • Trauma
  • Poisoning
  • Bite (animal, insect, snake)
  • Hit by car or mobile vehicle
  • Foreign body intake
    [19659063] Bone fracture
  • Laceration, cut, abrasion
  • Wounds
  • Torn nail
  • Medical problems that can be directly attributed to accidental injury

Once you have chosen your plan, you have the option to add additional routine care coverage.

Routine care coverage is also available if you choose to cover only the accident.

This is a great benefit to add and most companies do not offer this type of coverage.

There are two types of coverage offered by Pets Best and they both come at an additional cost. [19659008] Below we show you side by side pricing as well as the benefits of each plan.

Essential Wellness – $ 16.00 / Month

Pays up to the following limits:

  • Spay / Neuter – Dental Cleaning – $ 0
  • Rabies – $ 15
  • Flea / Tick Prevention – $ 50 [19659063] Heartworm Prevention – $ 30
  • Vaccination / Titers – $ 30
  • Wellness Examination – $ 50
  • Heartworm Test or FELV Monitor – $ 25
  • Blood, Fecal, Parasite Examination – $ 50
  • Microchip – $ 20
  • Urine Analysis or ERD – $ 15
  • Deworming – $ 20
  • Total Annual Benefits – $ 305

Best Wellness – $ 26.00 / month

Pays up to the following limits: [19659123] Spay / Neuter – Tooth Cleaning – $ 150

  • Rabies – $ 15
  • Flea / Attachment Prevention – $ 65
  • Heart Mask Prevention – $ 30
  • Vaccination / Titer – $ 40
  • Wellness Survey – $ 50
  • Heart Mask Test or FELV Monitor – $ 30 [19659060] Blood, Fecal, Parasite Test – $ 70
  • Microchip – $ 40
  • Urine Analysis or ERD – $ 25
  • Deworming – 20 $
  • Total Annual Benefits – 535 $
  • A Annual Deductible

    " In plain English. "An annual deductible is a cost that you pay per year for covered health care services for your pet before your insurance plan begins to pay

    You only need to meet the deductible once a year, no matter what terms or conditions that may occur.


    If you have a $ 250 Annual deductible with 90% Compensation.

    This is the beginning of year and your pet has to go in for something like a chronic ear infection.

    This can cost around 3,750 $ to treat. With your plan above it is like this:

    You would pay the first $ 250.00 because it is your deductible and then you would only be responsible for 10% of all costs for the rest of the year

    So you would pay a total of $ 625.00 for chronic ear infection. at that time, additional problems or conditions would be covered by 90%.

    None aged Registration Limits

    Pets Best has no registration age limits. Most carriers actually have a cap on the enrollment age of pets.

    This is a great benefit for pet parents who need care for an older pet.

    As long as your pet is 7 weeks or older, they can be registered. .

    Coverage does not cease due to age or illness.

    Pets Best Insurance Does Not Cover

    Existing conditions

    Pets Best, like all pet insurance companies, covers NOT pre-existing conditions.

    An existing condition is a condition that your pet has before your pet coverage started.


    If your cat or dog suffers from a condition, Pets Best does not pay out a claim for the specific condition until you receive their coverage.

    All other conditions would be covered.

    Spayingandneutering.b Preventive health care including vaccinations or titer tests, flea control, heartworm medication, deworming, nail trimming and grooming. C. Parasite control including but not limited to internal and external parasites for which prophylactic treatments are readily available. Dental care, but if damage to the teeth is caused by an accident, we cover the cost of extraction and / or reconstruction of damaged teeth. e. Glandular expression.

    Cover Outside of the Country

    Pets Best only covers your pet while you are in the US, Canada or Puerto Rico.

    This is something you need to keep in mind if you decide to take your pet out of the country.

    Pay your vet directly

    Unlike most companies, Pets Best allows you to pay your vet directly.

    So it works is that you can choose this option when the bill may be more expensive than you can pay out of pocket and wait for a refund.

    This means that you do not have to maximize credit cards or empty savings.

    The way you use this process is explained by Pets Best below:

    "To use Vet Direct Pay, send us a signed copy of our veterinary reimbursement reimbursement form along with your completed claim. Once you have done so your claim has been processed, we will send all eligible compensation amounts directly to your veterinary office. This is the easiest way to handle expensive veterinary bills without breaking the bank! "

    Fast and paperless claims

    ] best mobile app gives you the opportunity to just take a picture of your receipt and upload it to the app to submit your application.

    This is a super easy and fast way to get started with the process, no paperwork

    Check out the video here to see how easy it is to file a claim.

    An additional advantage is that if you add your bank details to the customer center, you can have your claim sent via direct deposit.

    This is an impressive feature, because now you no longer have to wait t for a check to be sent in the mail, it is completely seamless.

    Pets Best Insurance Insurance & Policy Options

    Annual Deductible Options for:

    • ] $ 50
    • $ 100
    • $ 200
    • $ 250
    • $ 500
    • $ 1000

    Compensation Options:

    Eligibility and Waiting Times:

    • No Upper Age Limits, Cover Your Pet at Any Time After Reaching 7 Weeks
    • 14 Day Waiting Time for accident and illness.
    • 3 days waiting time for accidents.
    • 6 months for cruciate ligament events and other related conditions

    Veterinary examination requirements:

    Unlike a few companies I have examined or reviewed, Pets Best Does NOT requires medical records or some form of medical examination.

    This is great because you can really get coverage started right away.

    Like most carriers, they have health issues and with all types of insurance products, it is always best to answer honestly.

    Withholding all information can really hurt you and your pet in the long run.

    Annual Deductible Options of $ 100, $ 250, $ 500 or $ 750 Refund Level Options of 90%, 80%, 70% or 60% * The choice varies depending on the age of the animal.

    Pets's Best Insurance Cost

    Just like how life insurance works, pets are guaranteed on an individual basis.

    Therefore, prices vary depending on your pet.

    Here are some examples:

    Examples of Pets Best Insurance Rates for Dogs
    * Rates based on a mixed dog with 80% Refund and $ 250 annual deductible resident of Atlanta, GA

    Examples of Pets Best Insurance Rates for Cats
    * Rates based on a mixed cat with 80% compensation and $ 250 annual deductible resident of Atlanta, GA [19659208] Animal Best Insurance Waiting Period

    There is a waiting period of 14 days after your pet's insurance date.

    The policy for your pet applies from 12:01 the day after you register your pet with Pet's best insurance.

    You can submit claims for accidents and illnesses that occur after the waiting period of 14 days.

    You can submit claims for accidents that occur after a waiting period of three days.

    You have six months waiting for events in cruciate ligament and possible conditions

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee (19659207] Pets Best Offers a 30 Day Free Look period; Basically, this is how we say a "30-day money-back guarantee" in the insurance world.

    If you have not made a claim and decide to cancel your insurance within the first 30 days, Pets Best will give you a full refund.

    How to register (video review)

    I created a quick video overview of how easy it is to get your pet enrolled in the pet's best insurance plan:

    24/7 Pet Helpline From whiskerDocs®

    I really saved Best for last!

    When your pet becomes part of the Pets Best family, you can ask questions about your pet's health at any time of the day with their 24-hour helpline powered by whiskerDocs® at no extra cost.

      Pet's Best Insurance Review

    The veterinary experts at whiskerDocs® are available to help train and provide advice and decision support to pet parents.

    This service is available by phone, chat and email, from urgent care to behavioral issues and everything in between.

    This service is valued at $ 100 per year and has no restrictions on use during your insurance period, so you will always have access to veterinary experts as long as you are a customer of them.

    Taking Action

    I know my pet's best insurance review is one of the longer ones out here. [19659008] However, I wanted to make sure I gave as much information and information as possible.

    If you have been buying pet insurance for any reason, I say give the 30-day free look a try or start with an accidental policy only.

    As I said above, you have 30 days to review the policy and decide if it is the right thing for you and your family.

    Just click the button below to get started.

    * Disclosure – Pet insurance coverage offered and administered by Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC is taken out by American Pet Insurance Company or Independence American Insurance Company, a Delaware insurance company.

    * Disclosures – Policy is insured and issued by ACE American Insurance Company, Indemnity Insurance Company of North America, ACE Property & Casualty Insurance Company, Atlantic Employers Insurance Company and Illinois Union Insurance Companies, Members and Chubb Group.

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