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Overpayment for life insurance | 4 ways not to pay too much for life insurance

3. Choose a level period policy

Long-term life insurance is much cheaper than permanent life insurance. And a level insurance is the best choice for families who need financial protection.

A level insurance means that your premiums are locked when you buy it. They will not increase or decrease throughout the semester. For example, at age 35, if you buy a 20-year $ 250,000 life insurance policy with annual premiums of $ 158, it will remain $ 158 each year for the next 20 years. If you die at any time within 20 years, your beneficiaries will receive $ 250,000.

Do not confuse life insurance with level insurance with annual renewable maturity or reduction period as they are three different types of forward insurance.

Level vs. Annual Renewable Maturity

For annual renewable life insurance, you pay a low premium the first year or so and each year you renew, your premiums increase depending on your age. For example, at age 35, you buy a $ 250,000 annual renewable term (YRT) that starts at $ 1

20 per year and stays steady for the first three years. If you die within those three years, your beneficiaries will receive $ 250,000. But after three years, if you still need coverage, your premiums will jump every year you renew.

The downside of this type of insurance is that if you eventually need coverage longer than you originally planned, you will pay much more than if you had purchased a life insurance policy due to level.

Level versus decreasing term

Decreasing life insurance is an insurance that has fixed premiums, but the nominal amount decreases throughout the contract. For example, at age 35, you purchase a 20-year $ 250,000 life insurance reduction for $ 120 per year. This policy will remain $ 120 each year for the next 20 years, but the amount will decrease by 5% each year.

The disadvantage of this type of policy is that it may not be sufficient for your overall coverage needs. On paper, it makes sense to have while paying off a mortgage, but that's probably not your only financial obligation. If you have a family, your income is needed for much more. A level insurance is better for families.

Level period versus permanent

Life insurance at the level of salary insurance is for income exchange, not accumulation of cash value. If you need life insurance to protect your family from your untimely death, do not pay too much for a permanent life insurance policy.

Permanent life insurance is beneficial for those who may have property tax issues, business needs or want supplementary pensions. income in addition to maximizing their 401K and IRA. But for the average family, most needs can be covered with a level insurance. And it's a cheaper option.

4. Do not wait

If you want to save money on life insurance, do not wait to buy it.

As you age, the cost of life insurance increases. Buying insurance at 50 years old instead of 30 years increases the cost by hundreds of dollars every year. And it does not even take into account a health condition that may creep in during these years.

A health condition that affects your risk of death will also increase your cost of living. You may not be diagnosed with any health problems right now, but what about when you get older? Is there heart disease, cancer or dementia in your family? Do your work pose any work risks?

The earlier you buy a life insurance policy, the better your interest rate. And when you buy a level policy, you know that this interest rate will not change the entire semester.

And the main reason not to wait: do not leave your family to suffer financially if you die unexpectedly. [19659003] Your term life insurance may not pay out – it's true. You might survive it.

But if you died suddenly, would your loved ones suffer financially? If so, do not wait to buy life insurance.

It is better to have life insurance and not need it than to need it and not have it.

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