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Our insurance agency's mobile app

Unpleasant situations can occur in time without warning. We, at Paradiso insurance, absolutely believe that we are there 24 hours a day. To help you regardless of the time of day, we are happy to present to you our insurance agency's mobile app called "Protection When You Need It" . Available on both iOS and Android phones, our app is an all-in-one platform that allows you to take advantage of all our services 24/7. Just be sure to choose Paradiso Insurance.

Here are some reasons why our app is so good for you to communicate and manage your insurance:


It is always a good idea to increase security over your valuables. You can protect these items from a possible theft case or perhaps a disaster such as a fire or a flood by using the app. This can be done by going to the app, tapping the "Property" tab and adding any items you want to protect.


One of the more annoying things in life is when you quickly need your ID card or a legal document and you realize you forgot to bring it with you when you left your house. By using our agency's app, you can save the hassle in such a case. All you have to do is press the tab " Auto " in our app, press the + Auto button and simply take pictures of your ID card and your legal documents and save them. They must remain there for you to use legally.

In addition, " Auto " can also be used to store sensitive information such as your policy number, your debit card PIN, your vehicle's VIN number, etc. Like the documents, these can also be used for legal purposes.

Vehicle Accidents

Accidents do not come with watches on the neck; they can occur anywhere, anytime. We always wish you a safe and appealing life, but in the event of an accident, it is always our top priority to help you right then. If you have an accident and have our app installed on your phone, you are always covered! The " Accidents " tab has a variety of ways to help you. On the tab, you can easily call 911, request a tractor, report your location and even document everything that happened at the touch of a button.

The " Accidents " tab also allows you to easily "Create an Accident Report". You can include notes, pictures and all other information related to the accident in it. Doing so makes it fairly easy for our agents to help you on time.


Our mobile app also has an ePay policy that turns your insurance bill into a cookie! Instead of spending a lot of time sending checks or dropping payments, simply use our app to pay all your bills from your home. Not only is this much safer but it is also very time saving.

Phone Security

You may have a question that if all my sensitive details, legal documents, reports etc are saved in the app in my phone, what happens if I lose, break or have my phone stolen? Should I lose all the important information?

To answer, no, you would not! Everything you save on your application is saved in the cloud. If for some reason your phone is no longer with you, all your information is still safe with us. You will be able to access all information from another device at any time when we confirm your identity.

The Take Away:

Paradiso Insurance is a local insurance company built to help people like you achieve your American dream. As an agency and individuals, we strive to change people's lives and their relationships. If you want to change your life for the better, you will surely take a step closer to getting in touch with us. Regardless of your end goal, our team of highly trained professionals can listen to what worries you and find ways to reduce these worries. Take the initiative and join us today and thank yourself tomorrow!

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