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One big resignation: Don’t be a Prince Harry

We have to admit that the headline is quite a catch for a royal watcher writing about employment law: “What does Prince Harry have to do with employment law?”

“Nothing, but here’s my take on it,” wrote Robin Shea, an attorney with Constangy Brooks Smith & Prophete LLP.

Ms Shea, who admits she won’t be reading the prince’s talking book ‘Spare’ ‘out of respect for his late grandmother’ – which is undoubtedly said about whether it’s okay or not. burning bridges at work seems to be the connection.

She wrote that the message in a recent Journal column that “burning your bridges at work is sometimes a good thing, contrary to the advice your parents probably gave you”

; is incorrect.

She quotes Raoul, a person who comments under the Journal’s article: “I have also seen in my long career that people who burn bridges at work often do the same with friends and family and suffer a lot for doing it. If I could start over would I add one more rule to my list – always be kind and learn to recognize the suffering of your colleagues, managers and clients.”

“My New Year’s resolution is to be Raoul, not Harry,” Shea wrote.

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