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Old and new holiday traditions for 2020

Holidays are a time filled with traditions – but we all know that 2020 is not a traditional year. This season, many traditions that revolve around dinners and parties and other meetings with family and friends must be discontinued.

Does that mean we can not enjoy any traditions? No! Many are already pandemic friendly or may be making some small adjustments.

Some traditions that families can still enjoy with people in their own household include:

  • Baking cakes at home
  • Driving to watch holiday lighting
  • Building a snowman
  • Caroling in your area [19659005] Deliver meals or treats to friends, family and neighbors (contactless)

These activities will make the time spent with your household extra special, especially for children, and will provide some great memories. If they are not already something you do as a family, maybe a new tradition will give birth!

Of course, we will all be spending extra time at home this year, so it may be a good year to add some new "home" traditions. If you are decorating a tree for the holidays, can you consider decorating several trees? Children can especially enjoy having their own theme tree, decorated to show off their favorite movies or TV characters, sports teams or activities.

Holiday cards are also a fun tradition. No matter what holiday you celebrate, many of us celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another. This year in particular, it can be fun to look for a new theme or even design the cards yourself.

Of course, some traditions are best when we can share them with others. Many people look forward to holiday meals, exchanging gifts and parties with people they are not allowed to see all year round. If you decide to host or participate in a collection, the CDC offers some guidelines for things to think about and ways to reduce the risk. Of course, you should also check your local or state rules for gatherings.

If you decide to refrain from meeting (definitely the safest option) does not mean you have to give up the fun! Virtual gatherings are a great way to be "together" without being together. Tools like Zoom, Facebook and Google Meet, Facetime, etc. can all be used to meet friends and family almost to watch Christmas movies, play games or even exchange gifts that you send in advance. Thinking outside the box with home parties also gives you the chance to include friends or family who live too far away to show up for the holidays.

But you choose to celebrate the season, remember to be safe and healthy and enjoy!

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