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Nothing simple about content A will must be specific – Legal Insurance Blog – March 8, 2022

lastwilltestament-300x200Simple wills are an important service for group law plans. Legal services will allow a plan member to have the final will drawn up, but it is usually the basic, simple will. For example, if you want to build trust, you must have a completely different document. The six-sided simple will is what most people need.

Some people find it easy to draw up a simple will. Their reason is that regular dividends and basic instructions do not require a lawyer to perform the work. In addition, there are templates on the Internet that make it quite easy to write a will.

It sounds good, but there is much more in the simple will. This is part of property planning and it needs to be done right. Nationwide prepaid legal services include simple wills in the benefits of group law plan. A primary reason to let a professional do the job is to avoid mistakes.

Simple mistakes people make

A person with the best intentions can make serious mistakes if they try to write their own will. They do not realize that some things should not be in the document, and some must be there.

  • You can not leave money to a pet. Pets are seen as property, and what you can do is give your pet to a trusted friend and allocate money in your simple will to cover the animal̵
    7;s expenses.
  • There must be basic information in the text. Your legal name, current address and signature are the first things you need. The will must also indicate that no one is forcing you to make dividends and that any other previous will is invalid and the new one replaces the old one.
  • Account beneficiaries and testamentary beneficiaries. Pension accounts and insurances have named beneficiaries and deputies. These transfers of permits for deaths and account beneficiaries will take precedence over all beneficiaries mentioned in the will. You can not transfer your life insurance to your daughter if your nephew happens to be the designated beneficiary.
  • Executors and guards. These ensure that the wills’ instructions are executed and that minors are taken care of by a responsible person. Whoever you appoint as trustee or guardian should know the designation in advance and consent to it. Do not surprise anyone and ask them to find out when the will is read.
  • Correct archiving. The will must be signed in front of witnesses, and the language must comply with applicable state law.

A lawyer can see that common mistakes are not made and that everything is in good order.

The help across the country provides

Countrywide has lawyers who know how to draw up a simple will and ensure that it is in accordance with state law. There is a nationwide lawyer in every community with a client organization, and it is easy to book a meeting. The lawyer listens to any group law planning member wants in the will, gives suggestions on what should be included and ensures that the document is correctly designed. Countrywide also sends out reminders every year so that people can review the will and decide if changes need to be made.

Work with the customer

We have several prepaid legal services that can be included in a group law plan. A potential customer can review all our benefit options and determine which ones will be in their planning documents. Countrywide will provide additional prepaid legal services such as a streamlined administration and all member services. The intention is to have a group law plan benefit that all employees can use.

If you are interested in what we can do for your staff, you are welcome to contact us when it suits you. Nationwide prepaid legal services provide comprehensive benefits that employees will use and appreciate. We look forward to talking with you about these services.

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