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No Physical Life Insurance // Why It's Your Best Option In 2019 (Plus Tips)

In this post today, I will go over what is now physical life insurance, how it works, which company offers the best version of this coverage, and how you can get coverage started today.

No physical life life insurance with life insurance with no blood test.

It is, in "Plain English" life insurance that you need a physical exam or medical records from your doctor for you to get approved.

These policies usually cut your wait time for coverage from 3 to 4 weeks to under 5 minutes.

While getting a policy with no exam is very new, groundbreaking is a policy with no physical and get approved in 5 minutes.

What makes term life insurance without a physical exam so enticing is

Get Covered Without A Visit From A Nurse

Usually, when you have a complete exam, you will have an exam company like ExamOne or EMSI send out a registered nurse to your home or place of business.

Once there, there will be a physical start to the process for your life insurance application.
Avoid Dealing With Needles

One thing I don't enjoy about dealing with doctors or nurses is that eventually, one way or another, the needle is coming out.

Not only do they intimidate us, but they also hurt like hell sometimes, and if you hate seeing blood, it gets even worse.

With a physical life insurance policy, you get to avoid this and get

Just two years ago, I was on a web conference titled Lightning Speed ​​Life Insurance.

I was super excited because I figured it had to be something new.

However, it was merely a company talking about how they would take over case management for us as agents.

Their Lightning Speed ​​approvals came out to a 75-day average.

Can you imagine waiting 75 days to get an answer on your life insurance? Most people even forget they applied for coverage.

There are no longer any need to worry about those wait times.

So, you are probably wondering, how is this possible?

How can I avoid physical and still life insurance? Well, let me explain:

Medical Information Bureau (MIB)

The MIB is a non-profit organization of insurance companies that together track when you last applied for life insurance.

They use this information to determine your eligibility for insurance.

For example:

Let's say you were declined for life insurance 2 years ago due to diabetes at Insurance Company A. Company B would be able to see that you were previously applied for coverage today.

Intelliscript (Prescription Drug Report)

The next report that is pulled is all about your prescription drugs.

Whenever you fill a prescription, it is logged to IntelliScript regardless if you ever take the medicine or not.

I say this because sometime you might get a prescription for something but never take it.

However, the insurance companies will see you filled the order and treat it as you did the medication.

This report is used to confirm the answers to your application.

If you are not taking medicine for heart issues, you are taking a prescription, then there is something going on.


Your motor vehicle report is going to be checked to confirm your driving history and to make sure you don't have a suspended license.

If you have a history of DUI's or DWI's, then the life insurance company probably won't give you insurance because those are dangerous behaviors.

Too many speeding tickets can also negatively affect your ability to get life insurance.

Accelerated Underwriting

how you answer questions

By the end of the application, the underwriting has been completed and can be made based on real-time data.

Approval & Payment

Once you have been

The process is really that fast

* Rates are based on a 20 Year Term Policy – Non -tobacco Female with a preferred health rating

* Rates are based on a 20 Year Term Policy – Non-tobacco Male with a preferred health rating

insurance policy can be.

Bu t did you know:

A study conducted by Life Happens found that over 44% of people overestimate the cost of life insurance.

So, don't feel bad about it, if anything this should give You have some relief about having to pay high premiums.

Bestow you can buy more than any product on the market

Want to learn more about them? Check out our full Bestow life insurance review.

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