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No medical exam life insurance: is it right for you?

The need to take a medical examination can understandably encourage people to pursue "buy life insurance" further down their do list. The health exam itself is not a big deal, but it is an obstacle that takes time for your day. It will be personal. And frankly, no needles like it.

There are several options for buying life insurance online. Some include a feature that allows some applicants to skip medical examination. Others do not require a degree for any applicant. As you can imagine, due to this difference, prices vary significantly depending on the type of policy you purchase. As a shopper, you need to do some research to get the best value possible.

If you are keen to skip the medical examination, it is important to understand how different types of policy are about the medical examination. To choose the best life insurance policy for you, consider how much you want to spend, how much coverage you need and what your current health is.

Medical Insurance Protection

Before we help you choose the right policy for your needs, let us first start with some product definitions that help you understand policies that may not always require a medical checkup:

Medical signed life insurance [1
9659007] Often one of the most affordable types of life insurance, a medically signed policy takes into account your age, lifestyle choices (such as smoking or diving) and personal and family health history to tailor pricing to you and only you in the insurance process. (Thus the term medical insurance.) There are many medically signed alternatives in both continuous and permanent life insurance. This type of policy is usually available in many cover amounts, which usually range from $ 100,000 to millions of dollars. Typically, medically signed policies are limited to about $ 1 million in death benefits and available to applicants with less complex medical histories and fewer existing conditions. Medical signed policies are subject to approval of the approval and issuance of the policy or payment of benefits depends on the applicant's insurance capability, based on their response to health problems in the application and their truthfulness. Some medically signed policies include an internal process that may allow some applicants to qualify to skip the medical examination. Those who do not need to take a medical examination.

Types of life insurance without medical examination

Simplified life insurance problem

Simplified life insurance problem is one of the most common types of no life insurance exams. These policies usually require the applicant to complete a short questionnaire in the insurance process, with some health issues. But no degree is needed to secure coverage. Sometimes you may need to complete a short phone search. Because an insurer knows less about you, you will, without gaining insight into your lifestyle and health history, generally pay more for coverage than with a medically signed life insurance. In addition, maximum coverage amounts and maturities are limited to about 20 years and $ 250,000. Sometimes you can find policies up to $ 500,000.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Guaranteed issue works as the name suggests. All applicants are guaranteed coverage coverage, regardless of age or health. But it comes with some precautions. This medical degree life insurance is usually limited to a $ 50,000 or less death benefit and is a type of permanent coverage, meaning that as long as you pay your premiums, the coverage lasts for the rest of your life. In addition, you would pay much more than you would when compared to a medically signed or simplified issue policy. Typically this is no medical graduation life insurance is considered a "final cost" policy.

Choosing the Right Policy for You

If You Want: Affordable Life Insurance and Flexible to Take a Medical Examination

If you are price sensitive, then you might want to consider medical signed life insurance, which is likely to be your most affordable option .

Historically, most medically approved policies require a medical examination. But there has been some insurance renewal in the life insurance industry that allows some applicants who qualify for it to renounce the medical examination. For example, in Haven Life, we offer an InstantTerm process where some applicants aged 18-59, seeking a $ 1 million death penalty, may be able to complete coverage without a medical examination, based on the information provided during the application. Customers are notified when an app has been sent if they qualify to skip the exam. [A note from our lawyers: Keep in mind that it’s always very important to be honest in the application process. The issuance of the policy or payment of benefits may depend upon the answers given in the application and their truthfulness.]

Medical signed coverage without a medical examination is a bit of a dice roll … because you might not qualify for the decision-making process without the exam. But if you do, this type of policy often gives you a wide range of coverage options, better pricing and, test or not, a fairly simple application and purchasing experience.

If You Want: A Policy Without Testing and Okay to Pay A Little For It

If you absolutely do not want to take a medical examination and are OK to pay more for the coverage then consider a simplified emission policy. You are generally limited to a claim of $ 250,000 or less, so make sure there is enough coverage for your family's needs. (Life insurance is not about the medical examination, it is about the people you are financially protective.)

You have to pay higher premiums to compensate the insurer to take greater risk by not fully knowing your medical history. To give you an example of price differentials, a 20-year, $ 250,000 simplified emission policy can cost a healthy 30-year-old man $ 43.61 per month (Policygenius, Mutual of Omaha). For $ 28 a month, the same could get more than threefold coverage: a 20-year-old $ 750,000 medical signed Haven Term Life Insurance insurance issued by MassMutual.

If You Want: Coverage That Will Not Be Affected By Health Conditions

If you are ill or definitely have been turned off for other types of coverage, Simplified Issue or Guaranteed Issuing Life Insurance will be your best option. Consider applying for a simplified emission policy first as premiums are cheaper and it has more coverage options.

If you do not qualify for a simplified issue policy, guaranteed problem protection can be a valuable financial solution to help your family with funeral or other expenses if you move on.

Although it is time consuming to apply for multiple life insurance options, remember that the ultimate goal is peace of mind for you and financial protection for your loved ones.

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If I need to take a medical examination, what happens?

Taking a life insurance medical exam is easier than it sounds.

The medical examination gives the life insurance company the opportunity to verify everything you have filled in the application and personalize the price for you and your health. And if you are healthy this is a good thing (and your wallet). You get the chance to wow the insurer with what little risk you represent, and ultimately secure a lower insurance interest rate.

Once you have completed your life insurance application, you set your exam at a time that is comfortable and comfortable for you. You can choose whether you want a paramedic to visit your home or workplace, or you would rather lose a medical test office.

For the exam, you will answer some questions about your medical history and family medical history. Then you get a mini-physical that requires blood and urine samples. This may include tests for things like cholesterol, body mass index (BMI), blood sugar, blood pressure and indications of nicotine, tobacco or drug use. It usually takes less than 30 minutes.

And in 30 minutes can save you on your insurance premiums, it can only be worth your time.

Get started today.

Haven Term is a Term Life Insurance Policy (ICC15DTC) issued by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual), Springfield, MA 01111 and offered exclusively by the Haven Life Insurance Agency, LLC. All riders are not available in all states. Our license number in California is 0K71922 and in Arkansas, 100139527.

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