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New year, new insurance needs: 5 areas to review.

Have you made up your mind for the new year? We have a request for you: In addition to your personal decisions, take the time to make the necessary updates and changes to your insurance as well.

Many areas of your life – such as your home, car, family, business and plans – could have changed over the past 12 months. That’s why it’s a good habit to use the new year as a time to brush up on coverage and set yourself up for success.

Not sure what to watch? Here are some important insurance areas to review:

  1. Your home inventory. Did you get any expensive gifts over the holidays or invest in big-ticket items like a flat-screen TV this year? Homeowners and renters insurance can be lifesavers in times of disaster, but policies have limits and require up-to-date records of your belongings. The beginning of the year is a good time to review your belongings and update your home inventory list. Be sure to have receipts for large purchases with your inventory list as well.
  2. Your driving habits. A lot can change with your driving habits in a year. Maybe you’ve switched to an online work schedule and no longer commute to an office. Maybe you have a job that now requires you to drive more. Maybe your teenager is now old enough to get behind the wheel. Instead of renewing your policy without considering your life changes, take the time to look through our different auto insurance options and talk to an agent about coverage that goes with it.
  3. Your life insurance needs. Marriage, children, health changes, business ventures or general wealth building may lead to a new or updated life insurance plan. As you look at the past year and the year ahead, remember these changes. The new year is also a good time to review/adjust the beneficiaries and coverage amounts within your current policy as needed.
  4. Your renovations. Did you renovate your home last year or had plans to break ground this year? It’s important to get these home improvements covered. Throughout the renovation process, keep track of the value you add to your home and get an appraisal to accurately reflect the home’s new value. Review your homeowner’s coverage to make sure it’s the best fit for you and your home updates.
  5. Your future plans. The whole year is ahead of you. What do you hope to get out of it? If the answer includes major life, property or business changes, now is the time to plan. Our agents are here to proactively talk through changes so you can be covered from the start.

Insurance needs change all the time. That’s why the new year is a good time to review and adjust policies to work hardest for you. Get into the habit of looking at, discussing and adjusting your insurance coverage every year. It’s a New Year’s resolution you can keep, and one that will continue to help you year after year.

Ready to enter the year protected? Talk to one of our local, independent agents about your coverage needs and changes today.


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