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New Home Owner Checklist: Top Ten Tips

  A new pet owner checklist can help to check out the details of what is needed when you first take home your new pet.

Before we take a secret friend home, we have a new pet owner checklist for you you have exactly what you need when you first take home your new pet.

With the excitement of bringing home your new pet for the first time, it can be easy to forget about an essential object or two. In addition to every day items such as food and water, some checklists may depend on the type of pet such as a dog or cat, or you have a puppy or a loving senior.

So before you choose your new eternal friend, check out our new pet owner checklist for the must-have items to be ready for your special day.

New Pet Owner Checklist: Ten Must Have Objects

  A new pet owner checklist can help get a new kitten into your home. Preparation is key.

first Comfy bed

Moving to a new home is tiring for all parties. Your new pet will want a comfortable warm spot to curl up and rest after exploring their new home. By having a comfortable bed ready for them, there is no doubt that they will feel right at home in an instant.

2nd Delicious sweets

A good way for your pet to become familiar with their new home is to give some good candies for encouragement. You want this initial bond time with your pet and their new home to be a positive experience, and some snacks can help your pet feel more comfortable in their new environment.

3rd Vats and Cat Identification Mark

A wonderful way to officially welcome your pet to the family is to have a collar and cat identification mark completely when picking up your shit friend. In the same way as an extra safety measure, it is best to keep your collar on your pet at all times. Sure, a new pet owner must checklist-ha!

4th The Basics

Basic necessities can easily be missed in the rush to retrieve your new furry friend. Rather, by having basic things like food and water bowls, litters, litters, doggy bags, harnesses and puppy pillows are all available, it's more time you have to focus on settling in your new eternal friend. You absolutely do not want to run out of puppy baskets or doggy bags with a new puppy in the household.

5th Enrichment toys

Interactive games are a way to connect with your new best friend. By using enrichment toys as a way to play and bind, it can also help with mental, physical and mental stimulation. In addition, any pet showing stress or anxiety due to an environmental change can benefit from the use of enrichment toys to refocus and reduce pressure.

6th Animal Furniture

Our furious friends need furniture to relax on, just as we do. Even pet furniture can be a way for pets to release stress, such as a cat tree or cat scraping post. Basically, a cat scraping can provide a healthy way for your nice cat to scrape and play without scratching your own furniture.


As a new pet owner, it is increasingly important to do your research regarding your new pet. For example, if you need to take your kitten to the emergency room or need a last minute dog sitting. Certainly, by having resources available at your fingertips, it can lower the stress of the situation. Consider adding your veterinary and local emergency clinic to your telephone contacts. Plus apps like Wag! and Sniffspot are valuable resources for dog-related services such as dog tracks and safe play spaces . Take the time to consider what kind of pet you are taking home, and what works best for your lifestyle.

8th Security We want nothing but to keep our pets safe, healthy and happy. Consider having a safety plan in place before taking up your new pet. For example, items like children's gates, drawers and a pet-tech device like PetCube can allow a safe and fun pet while you are away from home. Definitely a new pet owner checklist would not be complete without any animal techniques that add security measures.


Pet-proofing your home is imperative if you have a new puppy or kitten. Sure, the last thing you want is to discover that your new puppy has chewed through something and resulted in a trip to the emergency room. Keep in mind that you take the week before your new pet's arrival, to map each room and identify any issues your pet may encounter. Also, always keep the dustbin cans tucked away to avoid hungry kidding friends. Sure, a basic new pet owner checklist item to include.

10th Protecting Your Pet

Part of being a responsible pet owner is the ability to protect and care for our furious friends. In addition, we know that pets are accustomed to getting into accidents or getting sick, sometimes without prior notice. Certainly, we want to offer the best possible care for the pets we all love, so consider protecting your pet with the health insurance gift.

New Pet Owner Checklist: Giving the Best to All

Following the new pet owner, the checklist gives you the opportunity to take care of your pet, but also helps you plan for the amazing new responsibility to become a new pet owner. In the midst of stress, excitement and anxiety to bring home a new addition, it can help you stay on track and find additional resources to consider when you care about your pine friend. Of course, the joy of pet ownership is an exciting way to start the new year. What are some of your articles that you would include in the new pet owner's checklist when you bring home a four-legged family member?

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