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New dates and safety tips.

Do you have questions about CORRECT ID? We have real answers.

For starters, here's what REAL ID is and how it came to be. In 2005, the US Transportation Safety Board (TSA) passed REAL ID legislation to improve travel safety. The law has since protected air travel, security checkpoints at airports and other federal facilities such as nuclear power plants and military bases with improved security measures.

As part of the real ID regulations, you may have recently heard of WORK ID cards. From this autumn, it will be helpful for you and your adult family members to apply for and get the RIGHT ID for domestic travel. But what are the cards? What can they do? And what safety tips do you need to think about? We have gathered all the answers for you.

Do I need my OWN ID for future trips?

Yes … and no. If you do not receive your CORRECT ID, you will need another qualified federal document such as a passport, Global Entry Card, US Military ID or Enhanced ID when traveling domestically after October 1

, 2021. Note! A driver's license will no longer be accepted for US travel.

What is the ID deadline?

Mark your calendar, the effective date of REAL ID is October 1, 2021. From that date, individuals and families must either obtain REAL ID or carry other accepted documentation when I travel domestically.

How can I apply?

You can apply for your OWN ID card with your state driver's license or local motor vehicle department. Here is what you need to bring:

  • Your birth certificate or passport
  • A social security card or tax form such as a W-2
  • Two proof of address
  • If you have recently married and changed your name, you must also bring your marriage certificate.

What safety tips should I consider?

  • You can only apply in person. REAL ID can not be obtained online or by mail. If you receive messages saying otherwise, ignore these claims and never leave important documentation. You must visit your local motor vehicle department to apply.
  • REAL ID cards will be marked with a gold star at the top. Check the label on your to make sure it is compatible before you travel. If you are unsure, contact your state driver's license.
  • Mandates vary depending on state. Be sure to examine yours so that you are well versed in safety and steps. Explore your government regulations here: https://www.dhs.gov/real-id [195659018] Want to learn more about CORRECT ID or other security measures to protect yourself from fraud, deception and travel theft? We have partnered with CyberScout® to protect members from many cyber security threats. Talk to a local, independent agent about this protection and coverage today.

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