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New companies open in Central PA / Northern MD Area!

  Keller Brown - Protecting Your Family Although last year proved difficult for companies around the country, Keller-Brown is proud and excited to see so many new companies open in our society – companies that also happens to be Keller -Brun commercial customers!

Check out our list of local businesses below and find out why they love being a Keller-Brown customer. Do not forget to support them in any way – even if you can not give them business directly, you can always follow them on social media or share their contact information with your loved ones who may need their services.

GT Derr Renovations

Phone: (717) 858-7061

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GTDerrHomeRenovations/?ref=page_internal

What got Greg Derr to open their own construction and remodeling business? "The freedom to work independently without a big entrepreneur pushing your head!" Greg previously worked at a large-scale construction company and is proud of the shortcuts he does not take to provide exactly what his customers want.

He also appreciates the protection he receives from our team. "Being insured by Keller-Brown, I know my livelihood is taken care of. I can not give enough praise to their work ethic and determination to keep me worried. I know I can be calm with an honest agent who represents me. "

Reach out to Greg for your future needs for carpentry, plaster or bathroom and kitchen!

Logan & # 39 ;s View Winery

Image: Rebecca Dougherty and Sarah Brown.

65 East Forrest Ave, Shrewsbury PA 17361


Facebook: www.facebook.com/LogansViewWinery

Instagram: www .instagram.com/logansviewwinery

Logan & # 39 ;s View Winery is known for quality wines and attention to detail, but what excites wine store manager Rebecca Dougherty most about opening her doors in a second location? Expanding to a locally owned supermarket, Saubel & # 39; s! "We look forward to getting things going and seeing where our expansion takes us," Rebecca shared.

The conversation was reciprocal between Logan & # 39 ;s View Winery and Saubels Markets, both of which identified the possibility of driving more customers interested in wine sales. The winery officially opened this second place on March 18 with success: "Shoppers have been amazing! Keep your eyes open for tastings in the future."

For their commercial insurance needs, Rebecca has peace of mind knowing that their coverage has been done correctly with our team, adding: "We are convinced that there is the right insurance coverage coverage with an established company like Keller-Brown!" Be sure to visit Logan & # 39 ;s View Winery at Brown & # 39 ;s Orchards & Farm Market and their new location at Saubels Shrewsbury and follow them on social media.

Kindred Wellness Cafe

  Kindred Wellness Cafe

36 Water Street, Glen Rock, PA 17327


Facebook: www.facebook.com/KindredWellnessCafe

Instagram: www.instagram.com/kindredwellnesscafe

If you're looking for a great place to focus on your body, soul and spirit, be sure to stop by Kindred Wellness Cafe! This cozy café offers a selection of tea blends and coffee service with a selection of sweets and drinks that you can enjoy or take with you.

As a new small business, Robert Kidd, Annette Davis, and family are excited to share their unique products, classes, and health services in historic Glen Rock. "We love supporting local small businesses in our area," they shared, "and it's important to us to have a reliable insurance partner like Keller-Brown – we know we're protected."

Simply Local of Glen Rock

50 Water St, Glen Rock, PA 17327


Facebook : www.facebook. com / GlenRockMillInn

Simply Local is located right next to the Glen Rock Mill Inn, and is an indoor craft market and gift shop that supports small businesses providing high quality handmade products including clothing, quick pieces and hand-dipped ice cream (yum!).

"There is a need for an ice cream parlor for locals and people passing by," says owner Karen Dietrich. "This will really make Glen Rock downtown nice."

As they continue their expansion down, Karen recently shared what it means to work with a good insurance partner like Keller-Brown. "It's nice to know you have people you can trust at affordable prices who are sensitive to the budget."

Simply Local plans to open its doors at the end of April after completing its stunning renovations on the first floor to enhance the flow of traffic and the shopping experience.

New Freedom Roasting Company

Picture from left to right: Danielle Childs, Carol Sieling, Kenny Sieling and Sarah Brown.

10A East Franklin St, New Freedom, PA 17349


Facebook: www.facebook.com/NewFreedomRoastingCompany/

When New Freedom Roasting Company & Deli was founded in 2015, they built a reputation for sweet coffee and delicious food. Now the family-owned company is opening a store in New Freedom, PA for a personalized deli experience!

When asked what it means to have a commercial insurance partner by their side, Danielle and Carol exclaimed: "It gives us peace of mind. Whatever I need, I can run it by someone I trust and know, and take take care of it right away. "We know they look forward to serving friends old and new, and we are grateful for their partnership!

New Freedom Roasting Company & Deli is open Wednesday to Sunday at 11 to 19 and has a menu with delicious sandwiches, coffee products and more.

HeXin Chinese Takeout, LLC

  HeXin Chinese Takeout York, PA

Image: Vicky Lin with her commercial insurance agent Melissa Yealy.

1744 S Queen Street, York PA 17403


Vicky Lin, owner of HeXin Chinese Takeout in York, PA, loves her new location on S Queen Street. For over two years, she had planned to open her own business to provide fresh and good Chinese food to the York community. Even with all the planning, however, 2020 was a challenging year to start a company.

"As many decisions as business owners make are important and affect success," says Vicky. "One of these decisions is location. Another is to choose a reliable insurance agency like Keller-Brown. Melissa Yealy at Keller-Brown took the time to learn about my business and presented a plan that gives me confidence and peace of mind in my insurance. Having the trusting relationship allows me to focus on all the other tasks I need to do to start a business. "

Love Sown Family Farm

Glen Rock, PA

www. onlinefarmmarkets.com/love-sown-family-farms Px19459004] [1965656] Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/LoveSownFarms

Alison Marqua, owner of Love Sown Family Farm, opened her business as a way to integrate multiple interests into a cohesive lifestyle – so that she and her family can enrich society by sharing their passion for high-quality heritage products.

"Being able to take our love of food and gardening and grow it from a hobby to a business while we are still at home with our young children, and make it a shared experience, is a bit of a utopian ideal that we have managed to turn into our reality, says Alison. "When we enter our second season, we are very happy to be able to offer more information about the food we grow and how we can best use it through recipes, storage, cooking tips and nutritional information. so that we can help our community develop the same healthy relationship with food that we work to introduce into our own families. "

The Alison and Love Sown Family Farm team appreciates the peace of mind that comes with being a Keller-Brown customer." Getting support from Keller-Brown means we can take steps and steps to continually lead our business forward without having to worry about everyone "what if we do. We can join new markets, try new products, increase our growing capacity with additional structures and equipment and make our farms more accessible to our customers while we know our livelihood and our families are safe. When your business and home are so closely intertwined, peace of mind is invaluable. "

Fern.ish Home, LLC

Image: Lindsey Barnes and Sarah Brown.

398 Harrisburg Avenue, Lancaster, Pennsylvania


Instagram: www.instagram.com/fern.ishhome/

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/fernishhome/_created/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/fern.ishhome

Lindsey Barnes, owner of Fern.ish Home, opened her store in July last year for to fill invalid after the transition to large stores and e-commerce sites where consumers buy products they never touch or see. When a customer visits Fern.ish, they can see the design on their own, feel the quality and talk to Lindsey about the location and size of their home.

"There are still many people who prefer the interaction between someone who is knowledgeable in product and design," says Lindsey. "What I design and what we sell is curated for a discerning buyer. They may want to reshape an entire room or they can simply look for that signature."

By opening his own business, Lindsey also enjoys being his own boss and the reactions from customers when they love how their home makes them feel.

"Keller-Brown has been an important partner in our early success. From the beginning of a retail partnership, Keller-Brown has helped us manage responsibilities and inventory coverage across two locations – especially during the holidays and inventory periods. Our growth has been amazing and Keller-Brown has been integrated for our success. "

" It's such a cool store, "adds Sarah Brown of Keller-Brown. "You go in and the first thought is," Wow, these things look amazing! I want this in my home! "

Are you a new business owner or planning to open a business in the Central Pennsylvania / Northern Maryland area?

Contact our insurance specialists today for a free copy of our new Business Liability Checklist to help assess responsibility and create a counseling network to help you succeed.

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