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National Life Group Review 2020

  national life group insurance

What's new in 2021 for National Life Group

How has Covid-19 affected National Life Group

Covid-19 has not affected National Life outside a less controlled reduction of employees. The company continues to grow strongly in profits and in donations to charities.

New products or changes

National Life Group created a new permanent life insurance product called BasicSecure Fixed Universal Life.

National Life Group in the news

National Life Group announced a reduction in the workforce by about 1

00 employees in response to the pandemic. The reduction spans several offices and includes some of their remote employees. National Life recently reported breaking its annual accounting record for 2020.

National Life also recently donated $ 35,000 to the cancer patient fund Branches of Hope. Generally, the company has a Do Good Fest, but this year they decided to donate to Central Vermont Medical Center instead.

2021 Recent National Life Group Reviews

The National Life Group offers five different insurances while most insurance companies provide only one. Their policy requires that you contact a sales representative for quotation and other information, who will then try to sell additional products according to their incentives. Some of these cases have ended with customers saying that they think the representatives did fraudulent acts that were not agreed by them.

Customers are generally satisfied with the policy itself but have no complaints about the company. According to reviews at the Better Business Bureau, some customers have been dissatisfied with the cancellation policy. Many of the complaints were well centered after having had several allegations when there should have been only a single charge for the policy.

The National Life Group has been around since the middle of the 19th century and shows longevity that is unusual in the world of life. insurance.

Few companies have stood the test of time as this company, and with good reason. You do not stay long without doing something right.

After operating for the first decade, they began paying dividends to their customers, which continues to this day.

Best practices have cemented them as a reliable force in the life insurance business, with solid values ​​for almost 170 years in operation.

Is National Life Group a good company?

  National Life Group logo

National Life Group is consistently ranked as one of the best insurance groups in the country, and one of the companies with the highest customer satisfaction.

It's not just their life insurance either. Their financial services and business programs have both been hailed as some of the best in the industry.

When it comes to life insurance, this kingpin has built up a reputation as a remarkable competitor. They put their customers first and give them the promised coverage.

How does the National Life Group work?

Like many life insurance companies, the National Life Group has its potential customers who qualify for life insurance before any insurance can be granted. . Several factors can hold you back at this stage, including if you have a history of diabetes or obesity.

These are part of the industry standard, as they have to make sure that you will not go away immediately due to a serious medical condition. However, if you have these conditions, it will not necessarily prevent you from getting coverage. It is considered on a case-by-case basis, but having pre-existing health problems can affect your options – such as pricing and payments.

Everything comes to a climax during a process called "warranty". This is where you provide personal information and health reports to the National Life Group, and they pass the information on to one of their insurers.

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It is important to note that no medical examinations are required to specifically qualify for their services, which can save money. These unique offers are quite unusual in the industry and usually offer coverage up to a certain payout threshold. If you hide health problems, it can lead to your payment being declared zero.

The Guarantee takes your information, reviews it and determines your inherent risk for their life insurance policies. According to the company, this process can take anywhere from days to weeks. You will then be informed of where you stand.

An agent will contact you and discuss your options based on their policies. From there, you will be able to decide the best action for your unique requirements.

What does the National Life Group offer?

The National Life Group has a myriad depending on a few factors, such as how much coverage you are looking for and how long you want to pay premiums. They offer five primary options: term, whole, universal, indexed universal, and variable universal.

Let's break these down.


You will have the opportunity to choose between ten, fifteen, twenty and thirty-year policies with forward insurance. Included in the selection is the choice to add more detailed plans, such as unintentional death provisions and unemployment options.


Through its National Life Builder program, you will be able to achieve proper permanent insurance plans that come with insurance.

If you choose full insurance, you will be guaranteed benefits when you pass, reliable premium payments and the unique ability to pay your insurance faster than usual. It gives you peace of mind throughout life.


Unlike term insurance, universal insurance has your whole life in mind. This program comes with a cash accumulation option that allows you to build up a sum over time, which can be useful.

Indexed Universal & Variable Universal

These two options come with the standard universal coverage features, but you have the option to invest the money you raise.

You can choose to invest in certain markets and funds, which grow significantly over time.

However, it comes with a higher level of inherent risk, so these options are only available to qualified candidates.

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What is the National Life Group rating?

The National Life Group is generally highly ranked by both industry personnel and customers.

In October 2019, BestLifeRates gave the company 4 out of 5 stars due to its popularity and excellence in the industry. They also received an exclamation "A +" from Standard & Poor & # 39; s an "A" from A.M. Best and a remarkable "A2" by analysts at Moody & # 39 ;s Investor Services .

All of these ratings add up to 83 on their Comdex scores, which account for several factors, including cost, coverage and reputation.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the National Life Group


The National Life Group has been a trusted member of the insurance industry since 1848. Over the years, they have paid off through all the significant tragedies that the United States has faced. They are still working for a reason.

The company offers a wide range of policies for people, healthy and not. The insurances are affordable and the payments are generally considered to be quick and helpful.

They really seem to put the customer first and in their reviews it is stated that the employees are helpful in all questions you encounter.

National Life Insurance Group owns several other insurance companies that they use to take out their products. One of the better known is LSW Life Insurance Company of the Southwest.


There are not many obvious disadvantages for the National Life Group, with the exception of issues related to human error. These complaints were mainly about financial advice or advice on the best insurance options to choose from. They employ a large number of representatives who may make office mistakes or suffer from assessments to influence your experience with the company. That is to be expected.

The wisest step is to consider all of your options before joining the National Life Group (or any other company). There are so many other services in the field, and there may be a better option for your unique needs.

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