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Multi-family home tuition in MA – Encharterförsäkring

  Multi-family home teaching

Multi-family home school in MA

Usually this time of year, students are about to go back to school. But this year it looks a little different than usual. Due to the effects of COVID-19, not all Massachusetts schools will open for students to return. Many schools practically hold classes or adopt a hybrid model for e-learning. Distance education is a new challenge and many families choose a multi-family home school to combat some of these challenges. Before you go into a multi-family home school style, here is what you need to know about your MA homeowners insurance.

Homeschooling in MA

If you take out your "tuition" or host these students, this can be considered a business venture or a daycare center. And in that case, you may need additional coverage outside of your regular home insurance policy. For example, a child is injured on your premises, and your multi-family health care company is considered a company, as your homeowners may not cover these costs. Keep in mind that in Massachusetts you may need an Early Education and Care (EEG) license to have a child care company at home.

Talk to your agent about the limitations of your MA Homeowners Insurance. How many children will you watch? Are you going to get a business insurance? It depends on your situation. You should also consider getting workers to get employees if you have other employee assistance or employees.

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What happens if a child becomes ill?

A problem that many parents face is whether a child becomes ill during their care. Even without schools opening, there may be a chance of getting an illness. What happens if a child becomes ill and their parents apply for you? Your homeowner's insurance may have an exclusion for infectious diseases, and you may have a large financial burden. Ask your agent about your home insurance limits and discuss what is excluded from your coverage.

Auto Insurance for Car Pooling

Will you use your car to transport children to and from your home? Do you take children on field trips or excursions? Depending on the usage and if you charge services, you may need a commercial car insurance. Commercial car insurance is similar to your personal car insurance, but it covers vehicles used for business purposes. Even if you do not charge for carpooling or transportation services, talk to your MA insurance agent about your current insurance. Discuss your coverage limits and whether you need to add additional coverage due to increased usage.

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Cyber ​​Insurance and Being Safe Online

You can ask your cyber insurance agent if you are dealing with money exchange. The last thing you want is a cyberattack that affects your homeschooling companies. Especially since e-learning is so widespread now, it is important that everyone is also digitally secure. Use our practical cyber security checklist to protect you and your students for the coming school year!

Umbrella Coverage for Homeschooling

Sometimes you can not predict what will happen. As we have seen in recent months with COVID-19, things are constantly changing. Umbrella insurance is another way to add a little extra coverage and peace of mind. It's there to expand your coverage of existing policies. Ask your insurance agent what additional risks there are for homeschooling in MA and where the gaps in coverage are.

Talk to an Encharter Agent before starting your high school homeschool. As local agents, we are here to help you navigate these difficult times. We can help you find the right coverage for group education in Massachusetts. If you have any insurance questions or questions about homeschooling in the coming school year, give us a call!

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