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Massachusetts Homeowners Insurance Guide – Encharter Insurance

  Massachusetts Homeowners Insurance Guide

Massachusetts Homeowners Insurance Guide

If you are buying a new home or just shopping for better rates for your MA home insurance, it is important to understand how coverage works. This Massachusetts Homeowners Insurance Guide can help you gain a better understanding of what you may need and answer some coverage questions.

Do I need homeowners insurance in Massachusetts?

There is no law that requires home insurance in MA. However, if you are financing your home with a mortgage lender, they will often require home insurance. Even if you do not have a mortgage, it is still a good idea to have coverage. If you experience a loss, you are fully responsible for paying for it out of pocket. You can not predict what accidents can happen, and if you are not prepared, the effects can be devastating.

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What does MA home insurance cover?

Most basic home insurance coverage in Massachusetts helps cover the following:

  • Housing and Structures
  • Reimbursement Costs
  • Personal Property Protection
  • Additional Cost of Living
  • Liability Protection


In addition to the basic coverage that comes with your home insurance, you can get extra supplementary coverage. These additional items can help further protect your home and can be a good idea, depending on your situation. Talk to your insurance agent about the benefits of these coverages and if it makes sense for your home.

  • Replacement of compensation coverage
  • Cost of compensation for personal property
  • Ordinance or legal coverage
  • Personal injury protection
  • Identity Fraud coverage
  • Swamp Pump Overflow
  • Watercraft Coverage
  • Food Spoilage Lock change
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Why should I have home Insurance?

In addition to being required by a mortgage lender, homeowners insurance has many benefits! It is a financial protection against potential loss. Accidents can be costly and insurance will help you protect yourself financially when they occur. If a lawsuit is brought against you, you can pay a lot of money out of pocket for legal fees. Insurance can help cover some of these costs.

Your MA Home Insurance can also help protect your personal belongings, even when they are not in your home. Or if necessary, get temporary accommodation if your home is damaged and is inexperienced while you fix it.

At the end of the day, there is home insurance to give you some peace of mind. It is a safety net for when things do not go according to plan.

How do I get coverage?

Now that you know a little more about home insurance in MA, it's time to get coverage! You can use an independent agent like Encharter to find coverage. Using local agents can give you an advantage – your agent is an expert! At Encharter, we know the insurance policies in Massachusetts and are dedicated to giving you the best convergence for your situation. Call us or fill out a form to get a quote! There is a lot to navigate when choosing home insurance. We are here to help!

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