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Married Life Insurance for Valentine’s Day: Explore Coverages.

Love is in the air, and so is life insurance. Wait, life insurance? When looking for that special gift for that special someone this Valentine’s Day, think outside the chocolate box. What is a gift that gets to the heart of your feelings and has a longer shelf life? It shows that you want to be there for your family today, tomorrow and in the future? It’s guaranteed to fit and show true, genuine thought? Life insurance.

It may sound unconventional, but when have you been afraid to break the mold? Whole life and term life insurance is a unique and well-thought-out option. Protection starts today (so there’s no waiting for delivery) and it lasts for years. Curious about more reasons why giving life insurance shows how much you care? Read on.

  • It protects their financial future. What better way to show you care than to provide for your family in the unexpected event of your passing? A life insurance policy would provide income and help them continue the lifestyle they are used to while adjusting to their loss. It also gives you the ability to directly transfer your wealth to the beneficiaries of your choice: the ultimate act of love.
  • It reduces anxiety about the debt. Throughout your lifetime, you can accumulate debt from life events, such as paying for college tuition or buying a house. Instead of worrying about passing this debt onto your family, life insurance can provide coverage and peace of mind knowing your family is financially protected.
  • It sets your children up for success. Looking for a gift for the little ones? They may not understand life insurance now, but they will thank you for it later. Life insurance not only gives a head start on their insurance coverage, but it will lock in a lower interest rate for them the younger they are and add a promising boost to their financial future.
  • It can withstand tough times. Tough times can come at any time and be hard to bounce back from. If your family was under financial stress today, you can withdraw money from payments you have made on your life insurance plan. Since it’s an interest-free loan with no repayment timeframe, you can use money to help your family now and then work to put money back into your plan.
  • It’s something you can do yourself. Show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day too. Self-care can take the form of a spa day, a meal to be made, and even life insurance. Planning for your future is an empowering thing to do for yourself. And it’s cheaper than you might think.

Skip the checkout lines and consider gifting life insurance this Valentine’s Day. With policy options and a calculator to help you estimate coverage, you can easily customize it to your needs. Talk to one of our local, independent agents to get started.


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