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Managing debt better across the country makes it easy – Blog about legal insurance – April 14, 2022

stockfresh_225020_eraser-and-word-debt_sizeS-300x200Being irresponsible is not always the reason why a person gets into debt problems. A more convincing explanation is that significant debt can be the result of bad decisions. When faced with extensive obligations, what a person does can make the situation more serious.

Panic makes things worse

Medical bills will raise a person’s blood pressure quickly. Someone who gets an invoice for an operation or medical treatment can have a cost of thousands of dollars. An immediate reaction can be to pay off everything at once, which is not a very good payment strategy. Others may look at their college loan commitments and think that patience is the only way out of a mess. Trust us; it is not. Credit cards have to be paid on time, but that does not mean they have to be paid off at once.

Most bad debt decisions are created by a feeling of panic and general ignorance about what to do. People can put financial well-being at risk by making the wrong choice. Often people need some guidance and sound advice to fix things. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services wants to help people manage their debt obligations better. We have a financial wellness benefit that helps employees.

Experienced professional wisdom

Everyone has lots of advice, but the views offered near the water cooler are not always the best. Anyone who has problems with a real credit card balance needs more than one guess to get out of trouble. Countrywide has a nationwide network of certified advisors who provide financial well-being advice. These experienced veterans understand debt management better than the person in the next booth.

Our advisors will perform a budget analysis of a plan member’s finances to deal with the situation. Suggestions such as refinancing, paying a little more than the minimum amount or preparing a payment plan with the creditor are some ideas that a nationwide advisor can offer.

These pearls of wisdom are solutions that have worked for other people and that can work for a financial health plan member.

Debt management plan

It is an important part of our usefulness. The debt management plan comes to the rescue of all plan members in difficult problems. This assistance plus package provides more intensive counseling for a person and tries to avoid bankruptcy or foreclosure. We will acknowledge in advance that the debt management plan will cost a little more than the rest of our benefits. Still, this is a lifeline for someone whose finances are about to disappear.

What the customer does to help

Empathic employers want to help their subordinates get out of financial difficulties. We know that not all of our service options will suit the needs of a potential customer’s workforce. We want to design a benefit that everyone in the organization will use. We encourage potential customer management to help with this.

Countrywide will sit down with a potential customer’s decision maker and discuss all of our benefits. We are ready to answer any questions that any service may have to help. Getting people out of financial trouble is one of the priority issues we explain. The customer can then review everything and decide which services should be included in their financial well-being plans. We will provide membership services and administration of all benefits. Our services come with the human touch. All our advisers are recruited for their skills and money expertise. Every plan member is treated with respect.

Solving debt management problems reduces stress, and we really want to do that. If you have any questions about our financial wellness benefits, we invite you to contact us as soon as possible. Feel free to ask questions about what we can do to help your people.

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