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Lifetime Achievement Award from United Beneficiaries – Real Estate Insurance Coverage Blog

United policyholders provide a forum for advocating and educating the need for policyholders' rights. As a result of United Policyholders, I and others with Merlin Law Group have been able to help support the legal rights of our current and future clients. It seems only natural to me that a law firm and its lawyers who say they are dedicated to policyholders 'rights with their time and money would support United Policyholders' (UP) activities. Otherwise you just do it for the money?

Amy Bach, the CEO of UP, could not personally give me a Lifetime Achievement Award due to a previous promise to my granddaughter. The photo above was taken at the First Party Claims Conference (FPCC) last week. Amy Bach was part of an important FPCC panel that discussed UP's RISC program, which raises awareness of policyholders' growing 'insurance gap'.

There are many other policyholders' advocates who are worthy of such a price. In fact, other lawyers and law firms play an important role in supporting United policyholders. The attorneys and staff of Merlin Law Group who take on my professional duties while I do volunteer work for United Policyholders and have worked with me on UP projects over the years really deserve the credit for this award. While I am humbled to receive the award, the truth is that there is a large Merlin Law Group crew and my family support that makes all this happen. way, you should be a part of the United policyholders' efforts and mission. UP has a staff of doers. They have enacted laws, are urged to provide the policyholder's views to legislators and regulators across the country, submit policyholders' legal notices — which judges often follow to make the common law favorable to policyholders, and educate policyholders about their rights. UP has made a difference, has a practical agenda that is successful and has a respected place at the table on how current insurance issues are resolved.

If you are a reader of this blog, be a challenger and do not pretend when it comes to your support for policyholders by joining UP and participating in their project with your time and / or money. If you are a policyholder, check out the training material on the UP website and make sure your vote counts by sharing your experience with UP.

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