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Life insurance with polycythemia | Is coverage possible? Find out!

I had not seen this before. A potential client recently called and asked if he could buy a guaranteed universal life insurance with $ 100,000 face value at age 75. No problem so far.

Life insurance approval with polycythemia

But I then asked him some questions about his medical history and found that he had an aneurysm on his descending aorta that was stented a couple of years ago and also diagnosed a couple of years ago with polycythemia, a blood disease where your bone marrow produces too many red blood cells.

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In his special case, this leads to too much iron in his blood, and sometimes he has to withdraw blood to lower his iron levels.

I admitted that I had not heard of this condition before, but the great thing about working with an agency like mine is that we have the opportunity to get back quick responses from several insurance companies through our inquiry process. In addition, we retain a medical manager to help with our tough medical cases.

What we found was that about 70% of companies were willing to consider him for life insurance, but at substandard prices.

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Many life insurance agents would not even have known where to start or how to quote such a prospectus, but we only got his quote for him two days after our first call, and they received a backup of provisional trial offers from insurers, which in all probability means that he will be approved.

If this 75 year old man had gone to another agent, he would probably have tried to apply with one of 70% and would have been rejected. With our process, we already know which companies will reject him and which are likely to offer. -old, non-smoker, 6-4, 232 lbs. Very active. Bikes 13 miles / day.

Takes Tricor for triglycerides, under good control.

Takes medicine for enlarged prostate. PSA at 2, strictly due to enlargement. Two biopsies and several DREs have shown that it is not cancer, most recently 2 years ago.

Takes a drug called Hydrea for polycythemia, which helps keep iron levels down. He has tested his blood every year for levels of iron and red blood cells and says that most months are good, but once every three or four months he has to remove 500 cc of blood to get the levels back to normal, a procedure called phlebotomy.

He says that even when the levels increase he has no symptoms and his doctor says it is not dangerous. He will continue to monitor every month.

One year ago, an abdominal aneurysm was surgically treated. The size was 5 cm and was on the descending aorta. It was stoned, and Dr. said with this treatment that it could not be blown up.

He needs 100K to 250K Guar. UL.

Thank you for your consideration. "

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Get life insurance with polycythemia

I guarantee you if you called 10 life insurance agents you found on the internet, 8 of the 10 would have either quoted this man incorrectly during the first call or just said they did not think he could qualify.

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If you have previously had polycythemia or have an aneurysm or any other medical issue , call us. We research your case carefully to help you find the most affordable and suitable insurance for your life insurance needs. 888-603-2876

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