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Life insurance is a scam // 11 reason why it is not 2019 ™

In this post I will go over several reasons why life insurance is not a scam, how to avoid being deceived by a life insurance agent and fraud, you yourself should avoid trying to do.

While this is a fundamental issue, I sometimes feel frustrated by the number of people saying things like:

" Life insurance is a scam " or " life insurance is just a uterus. "

The purpose of life insurance is to insure your life during the death.

If you were to pass by, it would pay a certain amount to keep your family in a financially stable position.

It was not created to make your family super rich if you were to pass by, and it was not meant to be your family's pension plan.

There is also a misconception about Term life insurance because you will traditionally lose your coverage at the end of the semester.

The term policy has been established in this way, because you and your family must, of course, be completely different financial position for a certain period of time.

Below are 1

1 reasons why life insurance is NOT a scam:

Your state looks at

Like insurance agents, life insurance companies are also raised by the Insurance Department in your specific state

If they do something related to a fraud or fraud, they may be fined for punishment.

The insurance company can also be closed, and they can make prison time depending on how difficult the situation is.

If you have a problem with an insurance company, you should reach out to the insurance department of your country. You should be your first choice.

People die from unexpected accidents

I was just looking at the news today and over 10 people have died at
Mount Everest because of congestion.

It does not seem to happen, but accidental deaths happen all the time, just recently during two accidents Rod Bramblett and his wife were recently killed in an auto accident after they were behind ended by a 16-year-old in a jeep (who was probably texting and driving ] [19659000] wife and daughter of Howard Moore University of Wisconsin assistant basketball, was killed in a car accident in Michigan which also injured Moore and his son

His wife and daughter died when their vehicle hit their head shortly after 2 o'clock on a car driving westwards in the eastern lane.

The accidents appear to have happened one day apart, and they are both scary.

My husband and I also refuse to go to Lake Lanier because almost every other day someone has been drinking or gone missing.

There is no way to know a when our time will be up, but we can control how our family will be financially cared for when we go away.

Funerals are expensive

I don't know for many people who can come up with $ 10,000 to $ 15,000 to bury someone without a moment.

Most of us do not have 3000 kronor in the bank for an emergency, so we try to come up with almost 3 times more than it would be impossible.

There is no reason why there are so many GoFundMe accounts that ask for money to bury people.

Unfortunately, an insurance policy of $ 20 to $ 30 per month may have taken care of the funeral and given the family some financial peace.

The debt stinks and it will be passed on to those you love. 19659037] To ensure the financial security of your company.

Protect your children's future.

Add your retirement


Unexpected critical illness – Alzheimer's

Cancer is very real – Ovarian cancer – Grandma

It can help you save – forced savings ROP

Lie on your life insurance application [19659041] The worst thing you can do is lie on your life insurance application.
I have found that people are willing to tell a little lie if they think it will save them some money.

But did you know that it is considered insurance fraud if you are on your application?

In addition to being illegal, this type of lie can have a devastating effect on your family if you were to pass by during the competition period.

Life insurance companies have 2 years to compete for death.

So if they find that you have passed away from a state you do not reveal during the application, they can deny your claim.

Attempt to cover someone without knowing

People often ask me if they can

My answer is always Yes … But they must know that you buy this policy.

Can you imagine how much chaos the world would be in if you could only get life insurance on someone?

In order to get life insurance on someone, they must enter an application and approve that you do the recipient.

It is illegal to enter a life insurance application for someone else, especially when they do not know it is happening.

Unfortunately, there are some bad apples out there that want and have fraudulent customers.

Most of the time, the customer will blame the insurance company and not the agent, so the company gets the bad rap and not the agent.

But a majority of headaches come from your interaction with your independent agent if a scam is involved.

To ensure that an agent does not deceive you, there are several things you can do:

While you can trust your insurance agent 100%, you always want to verify that they can really trust.

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