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Life insurance for firefighters | InsuranceBlogByChris

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If you are a firefighter you may be wondering if it is possible to get life insurance for firefighters. After all, firefighting is considered a more dangerous occupation than most.

That's true, but it will not stop you from buying privacy insurance. Life insurance companies constantly write out police officers for firefighters and the differences between the coverage for people with less dangerous occupations are not so great.

If you are considering getting life insurance for firefighters, there is no need to hesitate. You can get coverage, and there is no limit to the death benefit you can choose.

Is life insurance for firefighters possible?

You do not have to worry about the answer to this question because you can definitely get coverage. There is no doubt that firefighting is considered a high-risk profession. But there are actually at least a dozen other occupations that are considered even more dangerous, such as construction workers, foresters, roofers and truck drivers.

So although firefighting is quite high on the list, it is not close to being the highest -Risk occupation.

The worst thing that will happen is that your premium will be a little higher due to your occupation. But if you are otherwise well qualified, it will not make much difference. And there are even some jobs in the fire department that will not result in any premium increase at all.

Everything that of course depends on applying to the right life insurance company. Some see a more favorable view of high-risk occupations than others, and these are the ones you want to focus on.

Is not coverage through your employer sufficient?

Just like other workers who have life insurance provided by their employers, firefighters often mistakenly believe that they already have enough coverage. This can be true if you are single and have no addiction. However, if you have a spouse and / or children, it is unlikely that your employer's coverage will be nearly adequate.

In most fire brigades, firefighters receive employer-insured life insurance corresponding to between two and three times their annual salary. If you earn $ 50,000 a year, the big benefit will be somewhere between $ 1

00,000 and $ 150,000.

Once again, there may be more than enough coverage if you do not have any addictions. But if you do, it will not be close enough.

It is generally recommended that you have at least ten times your annual salary in life insurance cover. This will ensure that your family is taken care of financially, at least until your children reach the majority.

But you may want to add additional coverage if you plan to send your children to college. How much you want to add depends on the type of college you expect your children to attend. You may also want extra coverage to pay off mortgages on your family home, or other major debt obligations you currently have.

After breaking the numbers, you may decide that your family will need more than $ 600,000 to survive after your death. If your employer policy only covers up to $ 150,000, you have a shortfall of $ 450,000.

This is the main reason why health insurance provided by the employer is not normally sufficient. But there is an even greater reason to have a private policy.

The even greater reason for firefighters to get a private life insurance

If you leave your job for any reason, it is likely that you will also lose your employer-supplied life insurance. If you already have a private policy, continue to be covered. If you wait until you are separated to get coverage, it will cost more as you get older. And if you develop any significant health conditions from time to time, it can be much more expensive, and there is even the possibility of being denied if the condition is serious.

The best time to buy life insurance is always now. This is because you will never be younger than you are today, and your health will never be better than it is right now. So if you have been thinking about getting a private policy that complements your employer plan, do not delay!

How insurance companies consider life insurance for firefighters

You may be surprised to learn that your profession as a firefighter is not the primary factor that determines your life insurance premium. Although your profession may lead to a slightly higher premium, other factors will become even more important:

  • Your age.
  • Gender: premium rates for women are lower than for men.
  • Your health (the presence of all significant, chronic health conditions).
  • Health history for your immediate family (mainly parents and siblings).
  • Bad habits such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption or illegal drug use.
  • High-risk hobbies: skydiving, racing, deep-sea diving or cross-country skiing are a short list of potential examples.
  • Your driving record: accidents in the event of errors, multiple traffic violations, license suspensions and especially the DUI / DWI section. [19659024] Your Credit History: Significant credit issues may indicate a high stress / high risk lifestyle.
  • Any criminal records you may have.
  • Other factors unique to individual insurance companies.

If your profile in each of these areas is excellent, you are I Ikely to get a preferred plus premium rate even as a firefighter.

Insurance Insurance Factors Unique to Firefighters

None of the above is intended to imply that your profession would not be a factor in determining your premium. Insurance companies realize that there are specific risk levels associated with positions within the fire brigade.

Deaths from fire may be the most obvious fire risk. But there is also the possibility of killing as a result of inhalation of smoke, smoke from toxic substances or trapped in a collapsing structure.

The insurance company may charge an extra premium to adjust for the additional risks.

Your premium may also be affected by your specific job. For example, if you mainly work in an administrative capacity of the fireplace, it is likely that there will be no extra premium due to your profession. However, if you are involved in a particularly dangerous type of firefighting, such as dealing with chemical, oil or gas fires, you should fully expect your premiums to be adjusted higher.

Geography can also be taken into account. For example, a firefighter working in an area that contains a large number of high-rise buildings, industrial facilities or connected housing (which has the risk of fire spreading over several households) can be considered a higher risk.

How much will a firefighter affect your premiums?

Overall, if you have a strong insurance profile and your profession in the fire department is classified as either normal risk or standard firefighter risk, it is likely that your premium will not be adjusted for you at all.

However, if you are involved in more dangerous aspects of firefighting, the insurance company may calculate your premium based on your non-professional profile and then add a flat supplement to adjust for the additional risk your job presents.

However, even if you pay an additional adjustment, it can be removed if you move to a less dangerous position within the department.

So much depends on your non-professional l factors. For example, if you have certain health conditions, such as high blood pressure or obesity, the insurance guarantee may consider these factors to be additional risks associated with being a firefighter.

In most cases, a term insurance policy is your best option. Not only is it much cheaper than cash life insurance, as it is for life, but because it has a limited time – and you are less likely to die within that term than would be the case with permanent coverage – your premiums may be lower still.

This is a situation that you need to discuss carefully with your life insurance advisor.

How to Apply for Life Insurance for Firefighters

You have probably seen these ads on the web and different advertising what seem to be impossibly low life insurance premiums. If you do, do not make the mistake of assuming that they will also be low for a high-risk church as a firefighter.

Cheap life insurance is designed specifically for young applicants who have excellent health and current few, if any risks. As a firefighter, not only will you find your premiums much higher, but you may even be denied coverage. This is because the only way that low-cost providers can offer such low premiums is by excluding everyone who poses a risk.

If you work in a high-risk job, as a firefighter, or have any other risk factor in your profile at all, your best strategy is always to work with a life insurance broker. This is because we work with many different insurance companies and do not look at any of them. Because we are independent, we will work for you and place your application with the insurance company that offers the best coverage at the lowest premium.

It is important to understand that not all insurance companies see risk factors in the same way. Some insurance companies view firefighters very positively, and these are the ones we will match you with. But there are others who charge higher premiums than necessary. Since you do not work in the insurance industry, you do not know which companies will be your best choice. That's what we can do for you.

If you are a firefighter, or you work in another high-risk job or have other risk factors, we are here to help you find the right insurance company that best meets those risk factors, including your profession. We work with dozens of companies and know in advance which ones work best for you.

* While we do our best to keep our site up to date, you should be aware that "current" information on this site, e.g. relevant details about companies, may only be correct from the last edit date. Huntley Wealth & Insurance Services and its representatives do not provide legal or tax advice. Contact your own legal or tax advisor.

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