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Liability Risks for Halloween 2020

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Halloween 2020. Wow, what could go wrong? If the coming weekend is something like the last six months, a lot. With COVID-19, tricks or treatment will have a different look this year, and so will your liability risks. I have read or heard of a number of ways that homeowners will try to offer sweets to the neighborhood ghosts and trolls – everything from shooting candy bars out on the street via a homemade cannon to handing out candy with kitchen sticks. No matter what changes you make, remember that you can be responsible if an accident occurs. So please, be creative but be careful!

Here are some of the better ideas I've heard:

  • Set up a table with individual Dixie cups or bags containing candy. This will significantly reduce the number of touches that occur.
  • If you offer sweets via a large bowl, also have hand sanitizers available.
  • Attach candy bars to a stick and place the sticks in the ground in a well-lit area.
  • Decorate your hedges with individual candy bars.

As always, make sure that wherever you choose to hand out treats, it is lit and clear of any obstacles that may cause someone to stumble and fall. If you decorate and enjoy a good scare (who does not?), Make sure your installation is risk-free. Try to remove leaves (when it is wet, it is very slippery) or snow (depending on where you live, it is possible!) From your driveway and walkway.

There are dozens of ways to ensure a safe Halloween with COVID-19. That said, be creative, but be careful. On the bright side, you will probably already have a mask!

The information above is of a general nature and your policy and coverage may differ from the examples. Read your insurance policy in its entirety to determine your available coverage.

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