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Learn to open your business again and get back in the game safely

3 Tips for Safely Resuming Your Business During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Due to orders to stay at home triggered by the current pandemic many businesses must either turn on or find another way of running their business. Now that many states are lifting these orders, companies can resume operations in their physical locations.

If you have run your independent insurance agency from home in recent months, moving back to the office will take some preparation. The scenario may continue to change every day, but it is worth being prepared for what is to come.

It is beneficial to to create a plan given the possibility that this pandemic will run longer than expected, so that you can better adapt to the circumstances and make things work anyway. Here are some tips to help you plan a safe return to your offices.

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Creating a reopening plan will create you for success during this complicated time.

Working with a Transitional Plan [19659008] Going back to the office in a new reality can be complicated. It will take time and patience to adapt. You may need to implement new methods and change your office layout, among other things to follow the social distance guidelines offered by the CDC to prevent the spread of this virus. Designing a transition plan for you and your team will help everyone understand these new guidelines and what needs to be done to ensure everyone's safety.

Monitoring the Health of Your Employees

Guidelines may vary by community or state, but there are general ones that everyone recommends following as much as possible. If your employees will resume work on your premises, it is crucial to follow a wellness plan to monitor your staff. Promote the use of personal protective equipment, check the temperature of your employees before entering the workplace and check their symptoms at the door.

Keep your staff and customers up to date with changes

This pandemic does not & # 39; t has an expiration date. The whole world is doing its best to control it, hoping that we can return to life as we felt it as soon as possible. Even though we are currently in a reopening phase things can change. We live every day as it comes.

From a business perspective, it is necessary to keep customers and staff up to date with the latest information. It minimizes uncertainty and helps build trust. Make sure your communication is consistent between channels and be prepared to take feedback and adjust your game plan as needed. Catalog

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