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Keona Williams Deserves Permanent Honor for Helping Policyholders and Merlin Law Group for 20 Years | Real estate insurance coverage law blog

Keona Williams started as an assistant to the receptionist at our law firm 20 years ago. During that time, I have seen how she worked her way up at the law firm, gained responsibility and earned status, graduated from college, and got married and raised a family. She was one of those people who worked directly with our clients as a legal assistant, and now as our chief operating officer, who worked behind the scenes and helped our policyholder clients even when they did not know it.

Keona was first listed in this blog in 2008 after helping coordinate a victory lunch for Port of New Orleans employees. That blog, Port of New Orleans employees is very appropriate for what I am trying to do ̵

1; thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the members of our company for what Keona has meant to us:

Life lessons can be very beneficial if you actually remember them and change your behavior according to what you have learned. I was lucky enough to see my father when he led various tours of the Coast Guard. Both the ordinary sailor and the bosses who operated the ships seemed to respect him. He always treated everyone as important because they were. He always thanked them and then showed his appreciation.

We had an agreement that caused the board of the New Orleans Port Authority to make "high-fives" largely because the port management staff helped the legal team.

Much of my success and a lot of Merlin Law Group lawyer "high fives" have been the result of the hard work, passion and commitment that Keona has for all of us at Merlin Law Group.

Sometimes I feel like her family has grown up in the law firm. The picture above is Keona with her two children on Chips Ahoy! Her sister Karlene works as Merlin Law Group's HR director and got engaged to Chips Ahoy! The picture below is Keona, her husband Wendell and yours really at a Merlin Law Group Party.

Keona has opened many offices and in San Francisco we went to a party before the Super Bowl Rolling Stones, pictured below.

She also helped open our New Jersey offices after Superstorm Sandy and helped us keep flying and growing across the country.

Keona's assistant during this has been Eunice Elias. They form a beautiful and efficient team. Eunice has been with the company for over 11 years.

There has never been a more glamorous and skilled manager in a law firm. I'm a very lucky guy that she attached her very talented star to our carriage.

I'm sure the most successful lawyers have people behind the scenes. This blog had not been published for so many years in a row without her encouragement and appreciation for what it means to our readers, public adjusters, restoration contractors and policyholders.

On your 20th anniversary in the company and from all of us— Thank you Keona!

Thought for the day

When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned.
– Willie Nelson

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