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Keep Your Employees Protected From COVID-19 With These Office Space Tips

Set up your office to protect your employees

When companies start reopening business owners must take steps to find new ways to keep their employees safe while COVID-19 remains a threat to public health.

It is difficult to supplement social distance to all types of offices. Open plans and offices with lots of people can find a challenge when trying to adapt to the new standards set by the pandemic.

There are many suggestions on how to help offices follow these reopening guidelines to minimize the spread of COVID-19 . Here are some ideas.

Set up signs to describe capacity

Offices that previously gathered many people at once will probably struggle to ensure that the social distance guidelines are met. Capacity signs help control how many people can be in each area at one time. Put up a sign in each shared space ̵

1; conference room, kitchen, bathroom – that indicates how many people can be in the office at the same time according to the established guidelines.

 wipe the computer keyboard Develop a flexible schedule [19659006] If you had switched to remote work for a while, try implementing a flexible work schedule during this phase. Assign your staff different days that come in during the week, so you can free up space each day and move to a flexible workspace arrangement. By getting rid of dedicated office desks, you open up more space, which helps you ensure that there is a safe distance between your employees. Offer cleaning and disinfection of consumables and establish a cleaning protocol, so that employees know how to clean their workstations on arrival and when they leave.

Installing Plexiglas Barriers

Plexiglass barriers can be beneficial for socially distancing your employees from each other and customers. They act as new guards while still allowing people to see and hear each other appropriately.

Set up disinfection and hand cleaning stations

Hand cleaning and disinfecting agents are two of the most popular products today, thanks to the pandemic. Offices should have a station that offers these products to its employees and customers to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 .

These tips will help you keep your independent insurance company running during this time while protecting your employees, customers and even your own health.

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