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July 4 Responsibility: 5 exposures to avoid

July 4 Responsibility

Independence Day is one of the most celebrated holidays in the United States. Patriotic feelings combined with favorable summer weather make it a weekend of partying and partying around the country. But as with all other times of the year, partying has its own unique responsibilities. Independence Day is notorious for increasing claims activity. Here are some common misconceptions that you may want to avoid on Independence Day.

# 1: Boat accidents

In summer, more people go out to the lake than at any other time of the year. An increase in boats leads to an increased risk of boat accidents. The combination of inexperienced boat drivers with a party environment is a potential recipe for disaster.

According to American Boating Association (ABA)July 4 is often the most dangerous time to be on a boat. The Coast Guard’s assistant reports that in combination with Labor Day and Memorial Day, liability accidents on 4 July account for more than a third of the total registered damages during the year.

While this is a dismal statistic to share instead of an otherwise exciting vacation, it is important to be prepared for the unexpected. The use of life jackets can make the difference in an emergency. According to the ABA, 80 percent of boat-related deaths involved individuals who did not wear life jackets.

Make sure your boat is equipped with the right safety equipment and that your equipment is working properly. To learn more about proper boat safety to prevent liability on July 4, visit ABA.

# 2: Use of fireworks

Fireworks are perhaps the biggest liability risk on July 4 that insurers worry about. According to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) fireworks started an estimated 19,500 fires in 2018 and contributed over $ 105 million in direct property damage.

In addition to causing significant property damage, fireworks also pose a liability risk. Burns are the most common accidents caused by the misuse of fireworks, while sparklers are the most common culprit in liability accidents.

For more information on safe handling of fireworks, visit American Pyrotechnics Association.

# 3: Barbecue mishaps

Grilling is another popular summer activity that can go unexpectedly wrong if you are not prepared for the worst. According to the US Fire Administration (USFA)BBQ fires account for $ 37 million in damage to homes per year, causing 10 deaths and over 100 injuries per year.

Usually the cause of these barbecue fires is due to lack of proper maintenance and cleaning. According to USFA, mechanical faults, malfunctions and incorrect use of grills accounted for igniting almost 90% of all grill fires. Make sure to regularly clean your grill after each use and that you practice the correct handling of materials in your respective grill environment.

# 4: Disabled drivers

Reduced driving is another major threat on the weekends. According to National Highway Transportation Safety Administration1,339 drivers were killed on July 4 between 2015 and 2019, of which 38% were drunk.

If you are planning to celebrate with alcohol, it is important to have a plan in advance and stick to it. In accordance with July 4, local communities support NHTSA’s drunk driving initiative to spread awareness to drivers around the country about the dangers of reduced driving during holiday periods. To learn more, Visit NHTSA’s Promotional Website.

# 5: Drowning risk

A perhaps lesser known risk of being aware of during Independence Day is the risk of drowning. As with most other parties during the summer, the risk of drowning is relevant for all parties, whether it is on the beach, in the garden pool or by the river. According to CDCNearly 4,000 people die from accidental drowning each year, including boat-related drowning incidents.

Although drowning may seem like a relatively unlikely event, it is especially relevant when people consume alcohol. Alcohol not only impairs one’s ability to process and think quickly, but can impair motor skills and reaction time, making it more difficult to swim or tread water. According to NCBIAlcohol is detected in the blood of 30-70% of drowning victims and is the overwhelming cause of drowning-related deaths.

Know your consumption limits and drink responsibly. If you go swimming, be sure to do so under the supervision of a friend or partner in an emergency. If you are hosting a pool party or if the kids are going to swim, consider hiring a lifeguard for your event.

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Independence Day is an exciting time to enjoy beautiful summer weather and celebrate the freedom of our great country. By being aware of the usual liability risks for July 4 and preparing accordingly, you can enjoy your festivities in a safe way.

Want to know more about insurance for your liability risks on July 4? Contact BNC today.

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