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Is life insurance a fraud // 11 reasons why it is not 2020

You know you need life insurance, but you're probably worried about rumors or friends trying to convince you it's a scam.

But hear me:

  is life insurance a scam

What if I told you that not only is life insurance legit, but you only harm your family if you do not have one coverage.

In this post I will go through several reasons why life insurance is not a scam, how to avoid being scammed by a life insurance agent and scams, you yourself should avoid trying to do.

Is Life Insurance A Scam?

Although this is a basic question, sometimes I'm frustrated with the number of people who say things like:

" Life insurance is a scam " or " life insurance is just a hustle. "

The purpose of life insurance is to insure your life at your death.

If you were to leave, it would pay a certain amount to keep your family in a financially stable position.

It was not created to make your family super rich if you were to die, and it was not meant to be your family's retirement plan.

There is also a misconception about life insurance of the term because you will traditionally lose your coverage at the end of the semester.

Forward policies were established in this way because, of course, over time, you and your family would be in a completely different financial position.

No insurance Life insurance made it easy.

Agents not required.

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11 reasons Life insurance is NOT a fraud:

1. Your state monitors

Just like insurance agents, life insurance companies also have a mandate from the insurance department in your specific state.

If they do something related to a scam or fraud, they can be fined huge penalties.

The insurance company can also be closed, and they can imprison time depending on how difficult the situation is.

If you have problems with an insurance company, you should be the first choice to reach the insurance department in your country.

2nd People die from unexpected accidents

I just watched the news today and over 10 people have died on Mount Everest due to congestion.

It does not seem to happen, but unintentional deaths happen all the time, just recently the following two accidents occurred:

Auburn advertiser
Rod Bramblett and his wife were recently killed in a car accident after they got behind stopped by a 16-year-old in a jeep (which was probably texting and driving ).

wife and daughter of Howard Moore University of Wisconsin assistant basketball coach, killed in a car accident in Michigan that also injured Moore and his son.

His wife and daughter died after their vehicle struck the opposite shortly after 2 o'clock from a car driving west on the eastbound lane.

The accidents seem to have happened one day apart, and they are both horrific.

My husband and I even refuse to go to Lake Lanier because almost every other day someone has drowned or disappeared.

There is no way to know when our time will be over, but we can control how our family will be cared for financially when we disappear.

3rd Funerals Are Expensive

I do not know too many people who can come up with $ 10,000 to $ 15,000 to bury someone without a moment. "

Most of us do not have $ 3,000 in the bank for an emergency, so try to bring in almost three times more than would be impossible.

There is no reason why there are so many GoFundMe accounts requesting money to bury people.

Unfortunately, a $ 20 to $ 30 per month insurance policy could have taken care of the funeral and given the family some financial security.

4. The debt stinks and it will be passed on to those you love

It's easy to believe that your debts are dying with you, but this can not be further than the truth.

You will leave things like car mortgages, mortgages and credit card bills behind.

In a public property state, debtors to and with coming after your spouse for income.

  Life Insurance Fraud

This usually happens because the income in these states you both are responsible for all debts.

With an you may be resting in peace your family will go through a financial melt down.

5th To ensure your financial security

If you are a small business owner or trying to grow into a large company, the loss can track that dream for yourself, your partners and your family.

Having life insurance to make sure your family can hire someone to replace you, have a few months' cash flow to keep the business going, or so that your partners can buy your shares is important.

If your family's livelihood depends on your business, you should take steps to ensure that the business can continue to operate without you or that your family can continue financially.

6th Protecting Your Children's Future

I always say you should live "with" your children, not "for" your children. I say this because sometimes parents disappear in their children's lives and forget to live their own lives.

But I do not think it is anything more important than the future of our children.

Children today will shape the future of tomorrow and ensure that they have the financial support to be prepared is of paramount importance.

will they be able to go to college, will they be able to get the extra teacher they need to pass a class?

These are important questions and if you have life insurance you could say yes to most of these questions.

7th Kindergarten Kindergarten Kindergarten

According to Americanprogress.org, women have to quit their jobs because they cannot find or afford adequate childcare.

What happens when a spouse disappears and the need for childcare increases? How will it affect the family financially.

How will this new dynamic in a single income family affect your loved ones, will your husband have to quit his job to take care of the children?

A strong life insurance would prevent this from succeeding.

8th Peace of mind

There is nothing better than knowing that if something happens to me that my husband will be perfectly fine.

While I worry about how devastated he would be, I have complete peace of mind that he won 't have to worry about financial situations.

When we have children, we will both have peace of mind knowing that if something happened to either of us, our children will be taken care of.

ninth Unexpected Critical Illness

This year, my second grandmother (whom I called Nana) passed away from Alzheimer's.

Of course it was unexpected and there was nothing we could do.

My grandfather is a retired master jeweler so they were doing well financially.

However, I can not imagine people going through this without financial means to help their loved one with this frightening disease.

There is something called life insurance life insurance that allows the life insurance company to pay out on the insurance while the insured is still alive.

If they are diagnosed with a critical, chronic or terminal illness, companies can pay up to 75% of the policy.

Another reason why life insurance is essential.

10th Cancer is very real

My first grandmother was killed several years ago from ovarian cancer, we all know about cancer and most of us have been directly affected by it.

It would be foolish to think that it "can not happen to me" because it can happen to anyone.

Cancer is not racist, sexist, homophobic, old age or any other thing you can think of.

We should all have a small policy simply because of the risk of cancer.

eleventh It may help you save

You may have never heard of this but there is a policy called Return of Premium Term Life Insurance policy.

These insurances will return all premiums you pay to it if you survive the term.

If you leave before the end of the semester, the death benefit is paid to the beneficiaries.

I like to think of this as a savings account with a free life insurance policy attached.

Not only does it work as a savings vehicle but if you disappear your family is taken care of

Life insurance scams you should avoid:

Lying On Your Life Insurance Application

The worst you can do lies on your life insurance application.
I have found that people are willing to tell a little lie if they think it will save them a few dollars.

But did you know that it is considered insurance fraud if you cheat on your application?

In addition to being illegal, this type of lie can have a devastating effect on your family if you perish during the competition period.

Life insurance companies have two years to contest all deaths.

So if they find out that you have departed from a condition that you did not disclose during the application process, they may deny your claim.

Try to cover someone without knowing them

People often ask me if they can get life insurance from their parents or grandparents.

My answer is always yes … But they need to know that you are buying this policy.

Can you imagine how much chaos the world would be in if you could just get life insurance for someone?

To get life insurance for someone, they must sign an application and agree to make you a recipient.

It is illegal to sign a life insurance application for someone else, especially when they do not know it is happening.

No Exam Life Insurance lett.

Agents not required.

Get quotes and sign up online without talking to an agent. But we're here if you need us.

Unoriented, expert advice.

Get objective insurance training from licensed experts and also avoid dumgy sales calls.

Coverage in minutes.

You may not receive a degree in life insurance coverage within minutes of receiving your quotes and applying.

Do Life Insurance Agents Have Fraud People?

Unfortunately, there are some bad apples out there and will have fraud customers.

For the most part, the customer will blame the insurance company and not the agent, so the company gets the bad rap and not the agent.

However, the majority of headaches come from your interactions with your independent agent if a scam is involved.

To make sure an agent does not cheat you, there are several things you can do:

  • Check the insurance department for their license
  • Never make a payment to them or their company
  • Do not let them pay your first months Premium
  • Contact the insurance company directly to confirm the agent
  • Check if online reviews of the insurance company – like ours Haven Life Insurance Review [19659123] While on average you can trust your insurance agent 100%, you want always verify that they can really be trusted.


Life insurance is not a scam, but it's easy to use as an excuse for why you do not have any.

Hopefully I have helped you u see that life insurance will be one of the best things you can do for your families financial future.

We will not be when it pays out, we should buy it for our family, so click the button above and get some quote and quick coverage.

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