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Insure your jewelry with scheduled coverage

 Insuring Your Jewelry With Scheduled Coverage Warning: You may not have the insurance coverage you need for your jewelry. items such as jewelry. With scheduled insurance, you can get the insurance you need for your valuables.

Personal property restrictions in home insurance

Homeowners insurance provides coverage for both your house and the personal content inside. Coverage for personal items may even apply when you are away from your home, for example if your belongings are stolen while you are on holiday.

With this in mind, you can assume that your home insurance provides all the coverage you need for your jewelry – but that assumption can cost you.

The biggest problem has to do with the limits of your insurance. Let's say your house is worth $ 500,000. You want to make sure you have enough coverage to rebuild your house in the event of a fire or hurricane, so you insure it for as much as $ 500,000. It's a smart move, but beware – this limit does not apply to all types. of coverage provided by the insurance.

Your home insurance probably has a separate limit on personal content, and this amount is usually lower than the limit on house structure. For example, your $ 500,000 homeowners insurance policy may have a limit of $ 250,000 for personal content. It may still sound like enough for your jewelry, but your policy probably includes a separate limit for individual high-value items, such as jewelry, art, and even electronics. As a result, your jewelry may actually have a much lower limit, possibly only $ 1,000 – and that may not be enough. and other valuable items, you can get the right coverage by scheduling the items that need additional coverage, which means listing the items and their coverage separately.

Now do to get the appropriate coverage for your jewelry: [19659011] Inventory the jewelry you need to schedule.

  • Get reviews of your jewelry.
  • Contact your insurance broker to make sure you have the right coverage.
  • Talk to your BNC insurance agent [194590] to learn more about scheduled coverage for your valuables.

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