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Institutes Associate in Claims Designation | Legal insurance blog for property insurance

Merlin Law Group lawyer Larry Bache leads by example. On Saturday, he texted me for the grade for his course that led to an Associate in Claims designation. The best insurance lawyers who practice the policyholders' law are not just reading insurance cases but learning more about the insurance industry. I often say that the first step towards a CPCU designation, but it is the courses that are needed to show that you master basic requirements. It has five courses, and you can concentrate on basic property insurance if you are so inclined. Here are the courses for someone who specializes in a property insurance specialty within the AIC designation:

  • AIC 30: Claims Principles and Practices
  • AINS 21
    : Property and Liability Insurance Principles
  • AIC 31: Property Claims Practices
  • AIC 41: Property Protection
  • Ethics 311: Ethical Decision Making in Risks and Insurance

Larry did well in his first class. But not everyone is so happy with the test. Here is a reviewer complaining about the exam process:

This is my third time taking this test and failing. The test must be taken practically due to covid. There were only 50 questions, but then you have to do really well to pass (I think you have to get at least 35 right). They give you 65 minutes to complete the test. Unfortunately, I am the type who has to read certain questions a few times to understand exactly what is being asked in hypothetical questions. I felt extremely rushed and finished the last question with 2 seconds left. I could not go back and review any of the questions I rushed through to get to all the questions in time. You really need to know everything and fast. I will not take this test again.

One of the things about the internet is that anyone can say anything and act like an authority. One of my suggestions to everyone is to review the information for anyone who says something you want to trust. People say they are experts on Xactimate, and when you investigate their background, no certifications. People say they are experts in claims settlement, but they have never been promoted to claims management and have no designations either. While we can and should see to learn from everyone, you must always think about the source.

For Larry Bache and everyone who strives to be the best you can be in the world of insurance claims by doing more and really educating yourself – Cheers! For those who want but have not taken the leap, there is always more room for better educated and trained professionals.

Here is a link to the Institutes ® .

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