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Inflation | What is inflation and how does it affect me?

The effects of inflation

Inflation not only affects world trade and the economy, it also affects our daily lives and living costs. The effect of inflation between products and services is not as great. Some products may have a small cost increase while the prices of other products may rise drastically.


It is obvious that a decade ago your monthly income would be severely lacking to keep pace with your current cost of living. [19659005] On a personal level, the individual's cost of living increases over time, but healthy inflation compensates for this by adjusting the living wage accordingly.

People must also take into account their savings. Due to inflation, your saved capital will lose its value for several years along the way. This also applies to people's pension plans.

That is why a majority of people choose to invest their capital. By doing this, their saved money also increases according to inflation.


Going inflation, when interest rates rise by 2-1

0% per year, can make a huge difference in a nation's economic growth. That is why governments around the world set inflation targets for a given year.

Inflation then means how much the nation's economy has expanded. Controlled inflation improves citizens' lifestyles, raises wages and provides more employment opportunities.

Massive inflation will, however, have a negative effect on the same.


Inflation at the global level can lead to a long-term financial crisis. It is very difficult to bounce back from global inflation as it further leads to domestic inflation. Exchange rates can also be affected when currency values ​​around the world are hit hard.

Inflation in the past, present and future

The worst inflation time the global economy has ever had since World War II when Hungary faced 41.9 quadrillion percent inflation. The Weimar Republic in the 1920s was hit by the most notorious hyperinflation, which led to great political instability.

Economies in several countries such as Sudan, Lebanon and Venezuela are currently undergoing inflation. This has lowered the standard of living of the citizens and caused unrest among the masses.

A steady global inflation rate of 3.05% has been forecast for 2026. This means that the global economy is likely to remain stable until that year and hopefully in the future. However, it can be affected due to extreme cases such as war or disasters.

In a nutshell

One can never be sure of the existence of various economic phenomena. In the same way, we can never predict what will happen in the future, but we can take precautions to secure our loved ones and ourselves.

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This article is for general educational purposes only and is not written by a financial advisor.

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