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Important information about filing a claim for work injury compensation

As an employee, you are an important part of the success of your company. Maybe you have a skill that is in high demand. Your employer will put things in place to keep you happy. If you are injured at work, your treatment must be covered by work injury compensation. Here’s a look at how to proceed when submitting a claim.

If you are injured at work, your health and livelihood may be in danger. But getting the benefits you deserve can sometimes be complicated. Your rights would be protected by employment insurance. Remuneration policies for employees are beneficial for both employees and employers. Your employer covers your medical treatment and potentially lost wages if you are injured at work. In exchange for coverage, you waive your right to sue the company. By submitting an application, you can receive the benefits. In most cases, the claim process is not smooth. There is a possibility that your claim will be rejected based on something minor. To guide you through the process, here are some tips that you can implement.

Notify your boss immediately

Once you have sustained an injury, you should notify your supervisor as soon as possible. Failure to notify your manager immediately of the accident is a big mistake. Your benefits can be reduced or completely denied. It is recommended that you talk to your supervisor immediately, even if your injury does not require medical attention or leads to a lack of time.

Receive treatment

If your injury requires medical treatment, it is recommended that you accept treatment through the doctor provided by your employer. If your employer does not require you to see a specific caregiver for treatment, you can visit your primary care physician. It is important to keep track of the receipts and reports you receive, follow your doctor̵

7;s instructions and show up on your follow-up visit.

Written notification of requirements

As a Connecticut employee, you have the right to file Form 30C, which notifies the Workers’ Compensation Commission that you intend to file a claim for benefits. It is mandatory to submit form 30C, even if you have already informed your employer about the occupational injury.

Seek legal help if needed

Research shows that many workers’ compensation claims in Connecticut are denied. If you are injured at work, having your benefits denied can have serious financial consequences. The lack of salaries can cause you to fall behind on bills. If you are injured at work, it is recommended that you contact a lawyer who has experience in handling work injury compensation claims. Experienced lawyers will not charge a fee in advance. Instead, they are waiting to get paid when your claim is successful. If your claim fails, you should not have to pay any legal fees.

Consult with Abbate

Being injured at work can be a traumatic experience. By using these tips, you can secure the benefits you deserve. If you have any questions about the process for claiming work injury compensation, contact the team here at Abbate Insurance and we will help you.

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