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I celebrated my puppy's first birthday while at home in quarantine

  Read on to learn more about how I celebrated my puppy's first birthday while at home in quarantine.

A puppy's first birthday is a special time! They are growing and developing so fast and a birthday is a chance to celebrate all the milestones over the past year.

Of course, pets are important family members, and puppies are no exception. In fact, there is no greater way to let your puppy know how much they mean to you and then shower them with love on their birthday.

When I was in quarantine, I thought I'd take the chance to celebrate my puppy's first birthday by taking the time to integrate some of Bosch's favorite things during the day. Read on to learn how I chose to celebrate my best friend on their special day.

My puppy's first birthday at home

  Discover how I celebrated my puppy's first birthday at home in quarantine.

Small intimate party

While some orders at home have started to lift in some areas, I chose a simple party at home with my family. I didn't want to put stress on Bosch's day, since most dog-friendly places aren't open right now. For my family's health and safety, I choose to stay home. A family party can be a stress-free and easy option for you to celebrate with your furry family member. Consider incorporating dog lovers into a virtual conversation – it can take "yappy hour" to the next level.

Introducing new toys

  Bosch loves to play with toys and this puppy's first birthday party is no exception!

Pet enrichment is a great way to stimulate and play with your puppy indoors. No pet birthday party is complete without a special gift for your best friend. I always thought that Bosch just loved toy legs, but I decided to give him some new toy options for his birthday. It turns out he loves balls and enjoys chasing them around the house. Also, I introduced him to a slow feeder during the meal and he really likes it. Consider gifting a homemade or new toy to your best friend.

Bond over a favorite activity

There's nothing like spending the day with your furry friend, especially not on their special day! Bosch's favorite family activity goes for a walk, so I chose to take him on a long walk. Whether he's busy chasing butterflies or trying to catch frogs, he always finds a way to have fun on walks. It is also a chance for him to interact and bond in new ways with the rest of the family.

Enjoy a treat

  Consider adding a sweet treat to your puppy's first birthday! I chose an online pet bakery DOG EAT CAKE.

Consider ending the day with a special treat for your best friend. From home-made dog invitations to ordering baked goods for pets, you may have the opportunity to customize and accommodate your puppy's favorite snacks. I chose to order a personalized cake from the online pet bakery, HUND EAT CAKE, and Bosch absolutely loved it! His brother Salvatore really liked the baked goods too. Make sure you are aware of your pet's allergies and only provide your dog with pet-safe foods.

  Bosch celebrated with style. This puppy's first birthday ended with a sweet treat and nap!

My puppy's first birthday was one
fun family bonding day

This time period is uncertain and can completely change how we experience celebrations in the future. Chances are your new puppy just wants to spend time with you, just like Bosch! He is most happy when he plays, interacts and spends time with his family. So I chose to give him some of his favorite things on his special day. There is nothing like love for a pet and I am so happy that he is part of our family.

How do you plan to celebrate your puppy's first birthday?

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