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Hunting for security Central Insurance Company

Since the leaves start to change color on the trees, it is a great reminder that the best time of year is here. This season brings so many of my favorite things, including autumn harvest, campfire, football and most importantly … hunting. Now that the deer hunting season has officially begun, I look forward to the early mornings of my hunting stand and wait for the trophy money to pass for the perfect shot. Even though it is not a trophy book, some kind of deer activity is exciting and helps to cope with time.

The longer and more often you chase, it goes without saying that it is easy to neglect the basics of hunting protection. Long hours in the rack and hunting in general can potentially lead to dangerous situations if the correct safety measures are not taken before, during and after each hunt. Here are some reminders when you prepare for your next hunting trip.

  • Feel good and understand the firearms you use. Always assume that all weapons are loaded. Make sure the safety is running all the time until you intend to shoot.
  • Do not shoot anything you can not see or clearly identify; Be sure of your target before shooting.
  • Always carry a cell phone with you. If you are falling or injured, it is important to have a mobile phone at hand to call for medical attention.
  • When using a tree rack, always use support from at least one other person when setting up the rack.
  • Have a full body strap when in a tree stand. Check your harness before and after use to ensure that it does not tear or break sore. If the harness is damaged, do not use it.
  • Use a rope to drag your bow or gun up to the top of your tree rack.
  • Maintain even hydration during hunting. Although the weather may be colder, you still want to be sure you consume enough water to prevent dehydration.

Even if you do not shoot the perfect trophy this year, you and your family will be much happier if you get back free from injury. Good luck to all hunters this season! Have fun and be sure!


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