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How to travel safely with travel insurance

Planning a trip? We all look forward to traveling to other states or countries or enjoying a cruise. You may not be thinking “What if something goes wrong?” but life can throw a curve, and travel insurance can save the day when it does.

What is holiday travel insurance?

Vacation travel insurance protects you when you visit another state or country. It is designed to help you avoid the risk of serious financial losses. This type of insurance covers several potential problems, including medical emergencies, travel cancellations and emergencies when visiting a foreign country. Travel insurance plans vary in types of coverage, and choosing the best insurance often requires the help of an insurance agent who will advise you on which insurance best suits your situation and budget.

Covered risks ̵
1; the alternatives

If you are in another country while on holiday, you may need to return home due to an emergency in the family, forcing you to cancel the rest of your trip.

  • You may need to cancel a trip due to a medical emergency or a family emergency.
  • You may have a legal situation that requires you to cancel your trip.
  • When you are on holiday, you may suffer from an illness or injury that requires medical attention.
  • Your luggage may be stolen or severely delayed.

What can travel insurance do for me?

The benefits of having travel insurance can reassure you when you are on vacation or if you need to cancel your trip. These insurances allow you to file a claim and receive compensation for covered losses. Without travel insurance, you could lose the money you invested in a trip you needed to cancel, including airfare, hotels, and cruise costs. Some insurance companies may pay for expenses you incur for emergency medical care or transportation in advance, rather than requiring you to file a claim – which can be important if you suffer from an illness or accident when visiting a foreign country.

Whether you are most concerned about losing your investment in your trip, the need for medical care when you are abroad, or other issues such as lost or delayed luggage, our local agents can help you find a policy that works for you.

How much does a travel insurance cost?

Travel insurance is usually reasonable in price, but the cost varies depending on the scope of the insurance you buy and for how long. It is much less to buy than the losses you would experience if you were forced to cancel your trip for any reason, in which case you could lose thousands.

Travel insurance and your budget – what’s right for you?

When choosing the best travel insurance, your budget is always important. Some insurances only cover cancellations, interruptions or delays, while others cover medical emergencies. You can buy a travel insurance for a single trip or a whole year – often the perfect choice for people who are frequent travelers. Our agent can discuss your situation with you and give you advice on the most affordable insurance with the best protection for your situation.

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