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How to tell if your insurance agent is a problem solver or problem maker

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Us insurance agents are pretty tough. When asked what we do, we can't say exciting things like "pilot", "astronaut" or "firefighter". Well, we could, but then we would lie and would NOT be troublesome when people started asking detailed questions?

And God forbid that we tell the truth. You say "insurance agent" and you might as well say that you have bubble plague, because that's how you will be treated.

After many attempts, I think I've stumbled upon an answer that captures what we're really doing: [19659004] "I don't sell insurance, I solve problems."

Think about it for a minute.

We all have problems that need solutions. [19659009] You are hurting someone in a car accident and it is your duty to pay for these damages.

  • Your house burns down and you need money for clothes, food, temporary accommodation, etc.
  • You need emergency surgery and need money to pay the medical bills.
  • You want your family to live comfortably after you die.

  • Insurance is just a good solution for all these problems.

    But many insurance agents become just part of the problem instead of solving it.

    And when I say "the problem", I mean the problem of insurance. Its complexity, its technical nature. It's less than exciting packaging;) Yes, an insurance policy is BORING. What it does is not. It solves problems. It saves lives.

    But lots of insurance agents are really making a mess of it. Make things complicated when they really don't have to. Turn a simple answer into a dissertation. Simply stinking to relate to and work with people. So after much thought, here is a list of the most common ways you can tell if your insurance agent is making the cut and is more of a problem solver than a problem maker. Since we all have problems we deal with daily. Do we really want to add our insurance agent to the mix?

    How to tell if your insurance agent is a problem solver or a problem maker


    • Does not use much insurance terms and hose to explain
    • Ask you questions about your situation and needs, instead of on the contrary
    • Actually listens to your answers
    • Is responsive to how you want to communicate with
    • that you understand
    • Is available and available "after sales"


    • Sounds like a technical lecture when offering explanations
    • Immediately tells what you need without asking what you need
    • Interrupts and does not let you know your needs
    • Inflexible in communication methods
    • Shows little or no concern for your understanding [19659008] Hard or impossible to reach

    Do not contribute to the problem – hire a problem -solver from the beginning. If you are interested in hiring a problem solver, call us at (937) 592-4871 or visit our website to get started .

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