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How to quit your job

Stuck in a track? Here's what you should consider when exploring your options. (Yes, even during a pandemic.)

Jobs are like any other situation. At first, it is full of high hopes, excitement, new challenges, even mystery – a honeymoon that is often deeply fulfilling in more ways than one. (Perhaps unique to working is that you literally get paid more.) Then months or even years go by, and we start itching to perform other roles.

Moving companies is the new way to climb the business ladder (employees stick to a company for only four years on average) for job seekers, but the decision when to make a career change is not always clear. Especially now, during a pandemic, when you may feel that options are limited, and you're just grateful to receive a steady paycheck.

The good news is that LinkedIn is still full of opportunities during the pandemic, and jobs are steadily picking up in some industries, so it may be possible to leave a job you hate. We spoke to four career experts who highlight the signs that it's time to quit and how you can adjust yourself to a new position.

In this article:

Work-Related Stress Affects Your Personal Life [19659009] Experts agree that stress or anxiety from work bleeds into other parts of your life is a sign that it may be time to quit. Job. When a stressful job affects all other parts of your life, you should start working for a new position. Experiencing headaches, eye movements, sores, stress, anxiety and even anger are red flags that a job can take a toll on your mental and physical health, according to David Wiacek, Certified Career Coach, Resume Writer and Founder of Career Fixer [19659005AsIsaidifyouarestressedatworkorhaveabaddayhereandtherebutgenerallylikethecompanyyouworkforyoumaynotneedtothrowawaythewholejobNadiaIbrahim-TaneyauniversitycareercoachbasedinCincinnatirecommendsfirstwritingdownpartsofthejobthatarebeingdrainedThenconsidertakingthelisttoyourbossbeforesubmittingaletterofresignation

"There have been times in my career that I was about to leave a good job because there were too many parts of my job that I hated doing," said Ibrahim-Taney. Instead of quitting altogether, Ibrahim-Taney raised concerns with the supervisor, and they were able to negotiate ways to redistribute this information throughout the team.

The work environment is toxic

If your job is full of micro-washing, passive aggressive behavior, poor communication and high staff turnover, it may be time to run away – fast. "Toxic work environments are not fixed overnight even if leadership changes," says Nicole Case, an HR professional as a career coach based in North Carolina. It can also take time to heal and regain confidence after working in a toxic environment (even a virtual environment), so it may be better for your mental health to leave sooner rather than later. Listen to the gut. Your stomach may feel sick when you receive an email from your boss. On Sundays, your heart may start racing around noon as another work week begins. Constantly fearing work can mean that it is time to start looking for a better opportunity.

You are bored

If you like your boss and the company but feel increasingly frustrated with the work, you may be ready for a new challenge. "Most of us thrive in jobs that are constantly challenging and allow us to learn and try new things," says Jocelyn Clarke, a recruiter at Kirby Partners, a company that specializes in placing professionals in health information technology and cybersecurity roles. ] Before quitting, you can try changing roles or asking for new responsibilities. If you do not see any opportunity to grow (or you feel like exploring a completely different career path), it may be time to move on.

You get underpaid or transferred to promotions

Find out that a colleague earns more than you or that the salary you earn is lower than average can be disappointing. If you can not negotiate a raise, underpaid is an important reason to start exploring new jobs.

Being constantly handed over for promotions is another red flag that you and your employer are not on the same page. "If your employer does not recognize your talent, or what you have to offer is no longer a good fit for your current organization, it's time to move on," says Clarke.

The company is in trouble

Finally, if the rumor mill gossips with gossip about potential hourly cuts, layoffs or mergers, it's a clear signal to start looking. "Do not be the last person on a sinking ship," warns Case. Ideally, you should try to stay in your role until you find another one.

This is because job searching while you are still employed gives you a better position to be selective. While you still have a reliable paycheck, there is less pressure to skip so-so deals because you are worried that retirement or unemployment will end.

Five steps to take the next if you want to look for a new job

Let's say you read through every sign above and you think it's time to quit the job. The experts explained some steps to take the next:

1. Find Out What You Want and Make It Famous

Ibrahim-Taney recommends that you take the time to describe your ideal role and think about who in your network can help you get it. Share with former employees, employers and colleagues what position you are looking for so that they can let you know if something should come up. When you build contacts with people, job opportunities can appear organically.

2. Start your job search, but keep it quiet

Searching for a new role while working a full-time job can be difficult, but maintaining employment and a steady paycheck can help you avoid having to choose a new job in desperation. Do not leave your day job immediately until you are sure that you have found a better job opportunity. If you do not know how your employer would respond to news of your job search, Ibrahim-Taney said to keep plans to yourself until you have some offers to report.

3. Update your LinkedIn profile and configure alerts

Clarke recommends that you optimize your profile so recruiters can find you. Also set automatic job alerts so you do not miss an opportunity.

4. Come up with a job interview strategy

For job interviews that take place during working hours, make sure you have access to a private interview place that is not your car, according to Clark. And if you are still working from home, just make sure you have a quiet and well-lit place where you will not be interrupted.

5. Always negotiate, even during a pandemic

Negotiations are something that employers expect, says Case. Come to the negotiating table with research to back up the salary you are asking for, and know that you can negotiate other terms in addition to your salary, such as time off, stock and your job title.

How long should you expect a job search to take?

How long it takes to land a new job depends on your professional skills, industry and the overall job market. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in early 2021, the average unemployment rate for a typical unemployed person is 26 weeks and 53% of people are out of work for 15 weeks or more.

In the end, whether or not you decide to quit the job without a set up job is a personal choice. But since it can take you several months before you land a new role, you can stay in your current job for as long as possible in a more stable financial situation.

If your gut after reviewing these signs says it's time to go, consider updating your resume and posting work feelings so you can get a new and better role.

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