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How to pass a life insurance medical exam and what to expect

What to Expect at Life Insurance Physical

Life insurance medical exam (some refer to it simply as a physical) is free for you. The examiner – an independent contractor not employed by the insurance company – will come to your home or office, wherever is most convenient, at a date and time of your choosing. The exam usually takes about 15-30 minutes.

The routine physical you get at your doctor’s office doesn’t test for the same things life insurance underwriters look for, such as the health of your pancreas. That’s why a life insurance medical exam is done by an independent reviewer, not your doctor. Here’s an overview of what you can expect from your physical life insurance policy.


During the examiner interview, they will do so review your medical history with you to ensure that there are no differences between the answers you provide and what you provided in your application. Be prepared to provide contact information for your doctors.

Physical examination

The physical examination includes:

  • Record your height and weight
  • Measurement of pulse and blood pressure
  • Take blood and urine samples

If you are elderly and applying for a large number of life insurance cover, an EKG and/or chest x-ray may be ordered. A cognitive test may also be performed for older individuals.

This information gives the insurance company a good overview of your current health. It will help determine your risk class, which one defines how your interest rate is calculated.

If your health is better than the average person in your age group, you get a better risk class, which means you pay less. If you are average, you are assigned a standard risk class. If you are less healthy than the average person, you will pay more for life insurance.

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