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How to insure your jewelry for Valentine's Day

  How to insure your jewelry for Valentine's Day Valentine's Day is a popular day for engagement. But I bet the word "insurance" is not the first thing you think of after he pops up the big question. Your first step – after saying yes of course – should be to contact your insurance agent and ask what coverage you need for your new ring. Because after the claim occurs, NOT when you want to find out your beautiful new ring is NOT covered.

Jewelry claims are some of the most common applications. But there are steps you can take to ensure that the excitement of your new engagement is not picked.

Three steps to ensure that your jewelry is covered

1) Contact your insurance personnel immediately

Find out how much coverage you already have and if you need additional insurance. The standard amount under most Ohio homeowners insurance is $ 1,000. And you only get coverage if someone steals it from your house. So if your new ring is worth $ 3,000 and someone breaks into your house and steals it, shame.

To insure jewelry properly, consider purchasing additional coverage through a recommendation called an Inland Marine Floater. In most cases, these additions to a homeowner or tenant policy would also cover you for "mysterious disappearance." This means that if your ring falls off your finger and is flushed down the drain or lost, you would be financially protected. There is also the option to insure NO deduction fees, so it does not mean no out of pocket costs for you if there is a claim.

2) Forward a copy of the assessment

The assessment describes the jewelry item in detail and determines the value. Keep the evaluation with your important records and forward a copy to your insurance agent. This is what we need to add your jewelry to your Ohio homeowner.

3) Add item to your home inventory

A current inventory of your personal belongings can help you buy the right insurance amount and speed up the damage process if you have a loss, so remember to add your new jewelry to your stock. And if you don't have an inventory yet, celebrate your commitment by creating one with your hubby. Our mobile app has an excellent home intervention feature that is easy to use. You can even include pictures of objects. You can also send us an electronic version of the inventory that we can keep with your client file for storage. You can download our mobile app by visiting our website .

Please contact us with questions about your jewelry coverage. Need to discuss your Ohio homeowners insurance? Call us at (937) 592-4871 or Contact us . You can also visit our website to read more useful information about homeowners insurance and to request a quote .

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