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How to help prepare your pets to return to work after quarantine

It has been months of being at home with your pets. Of course, your hairy friends can get used to being by your side. Between balancing play, rest, exercise and pet DIY projects, you may have had the chance to bond more with your pets than ever. Because of this, it can be harder to share with your hairy friends than you might think. Read on to learn more about how you can prepare your pets for returning to work after quarantine and tips for a stress-free transition.

Prepare your pets for a new schedule
after quarantine

  Read on to learn more about how you can help your pet get a post-quarantine pandemic when you return to work.

The effect of going back to work with
Your Pets

Change can affect your pets in different ways. In fact, something as simple as a change in routine such as a missed dog walk or moving a piece of furniture can affect your pet's behavior. Imagine if your best friend was suddenly gone eight hours or more in one day? It can make your pet feel confused about what might happen next.

For example, if your pet may be affected by a small change, the loss of your daily companionship may cause them to feel stressed. Stress and anxiety can affect a pet of any age and they do not always communicate how they are feeling. Read this list for an additional resource on dog behavior.

The bond between man and pet

The connection you have with your pets is different from any other relationship. Fortunately, the unconditional love, support and patience is something special that can be unique to your hairy family member. In fact, the health benefits of having pets can provide health for the whole family.

Whether you have a new puppy, an adult cat or a pet with multiple pets, there is always a new way to bond with your pet. While the pandemic may quarantine you at home, it may also give you the chance to adopt or welcome a new best friend home.

Tips to help your pets post
quarantine with separation anxiety

So if you are at home with a new pet and are on your way back to work, what can you do? Check out these tips to help your best friend move smoothly to a new schedule.

Take breaks

Consider taking a walk or taking a short break from your pets. This can give your best friend the chance to understand what it's like for you not to be next to them 24/7.

Reward good behavior

Try to incorporate
pet enrichment and interactive games for your pet's day. About these activities
are currently not part of your best friend's schedule, try them. They can
Give hours of fun to your hairy friends and keep them distracted while you are


Every new situation or environment can be an opportunity to train your hairy friends. For example, it could mean a new trick, command or special skill. After all, how many people want to say that they learned how to train their new puppy at home? This house can also be a cozy pet hook for your puppy to take a nap. For more tips, check out this puppy training guide.

Encourage Scheduled Binding and
playing time

When you've been away all day, it's likely that your new puppy or kitten can't wait for some playing time, cuddles or a chance to stretch his legs. As your new schedule changes, take the opportunity to schedule a quality interaction time. Think about some of your pet's favorite activities and incorporate them into your day. Furthermore, an afternoon walk, cuddling on the couch or a game to pick up can be the favorite part of the whole family.

Talk to Your Pet's Veterinarian

If your pet appears abnormal, talk to your veterinarian. Consider noting your pet's behavior or body language in a diary. Your veterinarian's guide can help you decide the next best step for your best friend.

Patience and time

everyone in the family has time to adjust to the new schedule. After all, this is it
new for the whole family, including your pets. It may take more time for yours
pets to adjust and that's okay. Every pet is different and they may react differently
to change.

  Check out these tips on how to prepare your pets to get back to work after quarantine to avoid separation anxiety.

Preparing your pets for return to
Quarantine in the workplace can take time

Your pets
become good companions. Although you may need to return to work, give them them
opportunity to adapt to the new schedule. With a little patience, love and
support from your vet your best friend is coming on the road to happiness
and tail meanders at the end of the day in no time!

What tips did your pet help you with?
went back to work?

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